Cover Boy: Interview with Model/Musician Stewart Taylor

Cover Boy
“Cover Boy” is a new pop track by musical artist Stewart Taylor celebrating self-worth and the joy of finding love.

“Cover Boy” is a new pop track by musical artist Stewart Taylor. Promoting a seventies’ throwback vibe, the song is about self-worth and love and celebrates the masculine and feminine, glamorous and rough. “Cover Boy” is being distributed independently and is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and all digital platforms.

Stewart Taylor is an LA-based singer, songwriter, dancer, and MMG fashion model. He grew up in a small town outside of New York City, where he began writing songs and performing in local talent shows and Lower East Side clubs. Since graduating from Berklee College of Music in Boston, he has worked with Grammy-nominated songwriters and producers and penned songs for Romanian pop star Antonia and American Idol’s David Hernandez.

Stewart recently discussed this song and his career in music via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): When did you first realize that you wanted to be a music artist?

Stewart Taylor (ST): I knew I wanted to be an artist the night I performed in my first talent show. I was probably eleven years old at the time and sang and danced to “Like A Prayer” by Madonna. I got a standing ovation and then I was hooked!

MM: How would you describe your style and sound?

ST: My style and sound are very influenced by vintage pop stars like George Michael, Prince, and Freddie Mercury. I love mixing my fashion with vintage thrift store finds from Melrose Ave and European styles of today. Lots of denim, leather, fringe, and flamboyance. As far as music goes, every song I make is pop with an R&B twist. I grew up on a lot of Motown, Christina Aguilera, and Prince.

MM: What typically comes to you first, the lyrics of a song or it’s melody?

ST: It really depends. I usually have a song concept come to me first and then the melody follows quickly after. Sometimes it all happens at the same time.

MM: You are also a dancer.  How does that influence your approach to music?

ST: I’ve been dancing in theater, talent shows, clubs, and onstage since I was seven. I’m not the greatest dancer in the world but I work hard at it and always incorporate it into my music videos and live shows. I want my songs to make people get up and dance and feel happy. If I write something and start dancing to it in the studio, I know I’m onto something.

MM: Breaking into music can be tough! What was your experience?

ST: My experience is that it’s always tough! It takes years. I have friends who have made it in the pop stratosphere and in the songwriting scene and it’s always, always, always a ton of work. The hustle never ends, especially when you’re an independent artist like myself. But it’s so worth it.

MM: What gave you the idea for “Cover Boy”?

ST: I was walking down the street, talking to a guy I was dating and an editor emailed me saying he put me on the front cover of his magazine that month. I didn’t feel like the guy I was dating was really up for the relationship I wanted, and I kept wishing he would make me front and center like the magazine had. I thought it was an interesting concept and started writing the song immediately.

MM: What is your favorite lyric in “Cover Boy” and why?

ST: My favorite line is “I’m the destination not a drive-by, I’m the front man not a side guy.” If I’m dating someone and they don’t see me as their end game or a priority in their life, then they’re wasting my time. Those lines feel very empowering when I sing them.

MM: What inspired the theme of the music video?

ST: I was very inspired by old George Michael videos from the eighties and nineties. Lots of denim looks, super models, dancing, and fashion! I also love Madonna so I threw in an homage to Desperately Seeking Susan as well. The triangle jacket I don in the video was such a cool find!

MM: How long did it take to film?

ST: I shot the music video from start to finish in about twelve hours after months of planning. It was a really fun shoot in downtown LA’s fashion district.

MM: What has been the best thing about working in the music industry so far?

ST: I’ve honestly just loved getting to write songs with talented people and seeing the music take on a life of its own. Whether I’m singing the songs or another artist cuts my song, I’ll never get over the feeling of hearing it on the radio, seeing people make dance videos and covers, or seeing it blow up on YouTube. That’s magic!

MM: What projects are coming up for you this summer?

ST: I’ve already got my next song demoed and will be hitting the studio soon to finish that. I’m also appearing on Hulu’s new show Exposure early next month  — as a model!

MM: Is there anything else that you would like to mention in the article?

ST: Keep working hard and fighting to make your dreams come true everybody! It’s not easy during a worldwide pandemic but you can do it!


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