Crypsis: Interview with Filmmaker Paul Anthony Rogers

“Crypsis” is a new movie by the talented Massachusetts-based filmmaker Paul Anthony Rogers that combines Sci-Fi, Horror, and Thriller elements.

“Crypsis” is the latest film by Massachusetts-based filmmaker Paul Anthony Rogers. Paul says it wasn’t easy getting his sci-fi survival thriller “Crypsis” off the ground and he was still jumping hurdles well after the film’s completion. Paul recently discussed this film via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): Tell us about your beginnings, sir. Where do you hail from?

Paul Anthony Rogers (PAR): I’m born and raised just outside Boston. Spent 5 years in Hollywood learning the craft and came home and shot my first feature here. Casted/crewed locally throughout new England

MM: How supportive were your folks when you decided to tackle filmmaking for a living?

PAR: My folks have always been super supportive.

MM: Has it been a hard road?

PAR: A film career will always be filled with life lessons. The hardship can be personal, professional, or financial. There is no real blueprint for success, so its very trial and error.

MM: How difficult was it to get Crypsis going?

“Crypsis” features some truly cool and imaginative makeup/special effects.

PAR: Crypsis was a big achievement for the independent scene in Massachusetts. It required a great talented cast/crew in order to turn it into a great film.

MM: How much did the film change between the initial idea stage and shooting?

PAR: When shooting practical effects, the biggest lesson is there are always limitations. Those effects take a lot of effort in order for them to play right and look right.

MM: Was it ever a hard sell, because I know it’s a nice mixture of genres – but it’s also hard to categorise.

PAR: Because it has a little bit of everything, its not defined by one genre, that in turns makes it’s a difficult pitch. In my opinion as a storyteller, a great film encompasses many aspects such as Forrest Gump, Jurassic Park, Back to Future. The one thing those have in common is great story and character. That in turn, hopefully entertains the masses.

MM: What kind of direction did you offer your cast?

PAR: I tried to be hands-on, but minimal at the same time. Its important to let the actors discover the material in their own perspectives and trust them to do a good job with it.

MM: The Blair Witch Project, I’m assuming, was an inspiration for the movie. Can you talk about that – and any other influences?

“Crypsis” is a movie that effectively combines a number of genres.

PAR: The handheld genre has been such an enormous success, it was important to incorporate, but not the point where of using it just to use it. I wanted it to play a role that plays a significant part of the film. Other influences include Predator, The Descent, Lost, Jurassic Park.

MM: Where to now for you, sir?

PAR: Bed [Laughs]

MM: What do you hope audiences get from the movie?

PAR: At its core, I just want films to entertain. Film in general, whatever your taste, we attend and appreciate for the fact it takes us on a ride from our daily lives. It’s a breath of fresh air from our day to day. Put simply, I’d just like people to appreciate it for the simple entertain value and have a good time watching it. Uncork’d Entertainment release ‘’Crypsis’’ on December 17.