Dog Crimes: A New Game by Think Fun

Dog Crimes
“Dog Crimes” is a wonderfully fun and very uniquely designed board game that just hit the market for kids ages eight and older.

“Dog Crimes” is a fun and very uniquely designed board game that just hit the market for kids ages eight and older. “Dog Crimes” is a follow-up to the immensely popular “Cat Crimes” and it is produced by Think Fun, a company that consistently produces the most unique, innovative, award-winning games to make their way into the toy industry.

“Dog Crimes” is a deductive reasoning game that features a cast of six mischievous dogs. The forty cards in the set each outline a mystery revolving around a canine crime and it is up to the players to figure out which dog is guilty of the specific crime. This is essentially a funnier, canine-themed, version of “Clue” that is designed for kids but is enjoyable for adults, too. The way the game works is this:

Dog Crimes
“Dog Crimes” can be played solo or with a group.

The player sets the board up in front of them. They then pull an “evidence” card from the pack that contains clues about the crime and the guilty dog. The crime is announced (“chewed up shoes”) leading to the player placing the matching “crime token” onto the pillow icon on top of the board. The card then goes on to state where each character/dog was at the time of the crime (i.e., Ace was sitting by the homework, Daisy was sitting across from Ace, etc.). The player then places each character’s figurine/cutout in the proper position. If you complete the puzzle correctly, it will lead you to the guilty dog is left to stand in front of the “crime” token. To make sure you are correct, the answer is on the back of the card.

Dog Crimes
“Dog Crimes” is very uniquely designed and a lot of fun to play!

The compact game board design is quite different from most other games on the market which gives the gameplay a fresh feel. The instructions include humorous biographies of the dogs/suspects and the “crimes” written on the cards are nothing short of giggle-inducing. They include tearing up pillows, eating cakes, tearing up homework, breaking flower pots, pooping on rugs, chewing up shoes, and more. Another fabulous aspect of this game is that it can be played solo, meaning that if you’re alone and bored one day, this is a great way to stay entertained. Intended for ages 8 and older, there are four different difficulty levels (color coded green, yellow, blue, and red) to match the skills of the player. The most difficult levels are much more involved and make the player pay attention to very small details such as the color of a dog’s collar of the shape of their ears.

Overall, this is one of the most fun and innovative solo-player and family games released onto the market in 2020. “Dog Crimes” retails for $15. To learn more, see here.