Driven: Interview with Actress and Writer Casey Dillard

“Driven” is a new film by writer and actress Casey Dillard which has been acquired by Uncork’d Entertainment for a June digital and DVD release.

“Driven” is a new film by writer and actress Casey Dillard which has been acquired by Uncork’d Entertainment for a June digital and DVD release. Via an exclusive recent interview, Casey tells us how she is keeping busy, and productive, during lockdown.

MM: Where’s home for you, Casey?

CD: A house full of entirely too many animals in Mississippi.

MM: Did you have supportive parents growing up?

CD: Absolutely. If anything, somebody probably should have discouraged me more. To this day I have an over-inflated sense of value.

“Driven” is Casey’s newest film and it is quite suspenseful.

MM: How has the pandemic and lock-down affected you?

CD: You know, it’s pitiful. We have such a soft lockdown here and I’m still going crazy. I’m definitely doing the social distance thing and following the rules, but I’m very ready to not be worrying about my friends and family that are in at-risk groups.

MM: Have you been writing?

CD: I’m doing a lot of script-doctoring right now and always kicking around a few scripts that I may or may not finish. And lately I’ve been trying to get back into writing things that aren’t scripts again. Those muscles are out of shape. And a journal because I’ve never been through anything like this and want to remember what I was thinking.

MM: How many drafts did you go through of “Driven”? Did the script change much with each one?

CD: I tend to self-edit as I write. Glenn says my first drafts are closer to sixth drafts, so the final product is (with the exception of a few lines) pretty close to the original draft. That being said, there were lots of big differences that just never really gained a foothold. I initially had the roles reversed with the woman hunting demons and the man driving, but they weren’t as interesting in that dynamic. Emerson’s ex was a guy for all of about one line of dialog, but I figured it was a way to work in another female character and I’m always excited to throw in some bi representation, so Jeff became Jess before he even materialized on the page.

Casey Dillard
Casey Dillard is a writer and an actress.

MM: How did Glenn Payne get involved?

CD: He was involved from the get-go. The concept of “movie that takes place in a car” was his. We’ve been working together in movies and improv for quite a while now and I can’t imagine and wouldn’t want to make this movie without him.

MM: Have you considered a sequel?

CD: NO. I would love to work with every member of the team again in the future, but I don’t think a good sequel for “Driven” exists. I could see doing more of a Cornetto Trilogy type situation.

MM: What are your plans for the future?

CD: Right now, my main future plan is to hug my friends. Career wise, a lot of that depends on Driven and how it does, but I’ll keep on auditioning and writing in the meantime and see where it takes me.