Drowning: Interview with Actress Laura Tremblay

“Drowning” is a new movie starring the talented actress Laura Tremblay who was born and bred in Ontario, Canada.

“Drowning” is a new movie starring actress Laura Tremblay who was born and bred in Ontario, Canada. Laura Tremblay is rapidly rising up the ranks thanks to her head-turning performance in the new film Drowning, out now from Indiecan Entertainment. The talented thesp, whose credits include “Evil Dead: The Musical” and “Lifechanger” (albeit in a voice-role only), gives us the 411 on her beginnings, how she related to her latest role and the difference between theatre and film.

Meagan Meehan (MM):  Is Canada home for you, Laura?

Laura Tremblay (LT): Yes, it sure is! I was born and raised near Georgian Bay, Ontario and now reside in Toronto.

MM: And most of your work, I imagine, has been in Canada?

LT: Yes, exactly. I’ve been lucky enough to work a little bit in Philadelphia, PA with the Canadian touring production of Evil Dead: The Musical, but the remainder of my work has been in Canada.

MM: Is there a part, you’d say, really cemented your career and opened doors for you?

LT: Evil Dead: The Musical was probably the first project I booked that felt “big”, but all of the opportunities I’ve had in film, television and theatre have all been extremely special in their own ways. Drowning was definitely a stepping stone for me in film as it was my first feature film leading role.

MM: This is a big role for you. How did it come about?

LT: My agent sent me a request for a self-tape audition for “Drowning”, and about a week after I submitted my tape, I was called back for two more in person auditions with the director Pasquale Marco Veltri. We seemed to hit it off, as he ended up choosing me for the role!

MM: We’d previously seen you in “Lifechanger”, but this is very different isn’t it?

LT: I am actually not in “Lifechanger”, unless you count my voice during a news report scene in the film. I was lucky enough to actually be on the other side of the camera for “Lifechanger” acting as the Associate Producer and Production Coordinator. “Drowning” is definitely a different beast

Actress Laura Tremblay is the star of the new film entitled “Drowning.”

MM: Like “Lifechanger”, it’s a genre film that’s very grounded though. Was that part of the appeal for you?

LT: Absolutely. I loved how in depth I was able to get with my character.

MM: Is there a risk of playing things too ‘over the top’ at times?

LT: Definitely. Theatre and film acting are both two different types of acting and since I come from a theatre and performance background, I had to learn quite quickly how to dial things back for the screen. I really enjoy the juxtaposition between the two mediums and the challenge of really dialling things in and acting “naturally” is one of my favorite parts of being an actor.

MM: Could you relate to the character at all?

LT: I suppose I can relate in that I am a survivor of sexual assault, like many women have come forward with in the past few years. I was able to pull from that experience in my life to really relate with “Anna”.

MM: What keeps fuelling you as an actress?

LT: I absolutely love the opportunity to play multiple kinds of characters. I also thrive off of the comradery and collaboration of filmmakers. Being on a set is something that absolutely drives me. It’s such a thrill to work hard with a likeminded group of people to make a beautiful piece of art.