Easter Basket Toys: The MUST HAVE List for 2020!

Easter falls on April 12 and with it comes the delights of the season: chocolate bunnies, colorful baskets, colored eggs, and adorable toys!

Easter falls on April 12 this year (and the 19th, for orthodox Christians) and with it comes the delights of the season: chocolate bunnies, colorful baskets, colored eggs, and adorable toys to include in the baskets amid the candy and colorful eggs. Some toys like Hot Wheels cars, Barbies, stuffed animals and toy necklaces have been a staple of Easter baskets for decades yet every year exciting new offerings emerge. Below is a list of some “must have” Easter-worthy toys that are currently available.

Prima Sugarina

Prima Sugarina by WowWee. These adorable spinning-top doll figurines are colorful, sparkly, and designed to look like candy. In fact, they even come in cases that resemble candy wrappers! The candy-shaped shells come in 6 different colors – light pink, magenta, purple, blue, lime green, and orange. There are 25 Sugarinas in total, including the Ultra Rare Prima Sugarina! Each ballerina has a unique, sweetly-scented, candy-themed skirt that is part of 1/6 categories: Cookies, Gummies, Cupcakes, Lollipops, Donuts, and Mints! The MSRP is $4.99 USD, and they’re currently being sold at Walmart (CAN & US), Amazon (US), and Indigo (CAN). To learn more, see here: https://wowwee.com/primasugarinas

Crystal Fairy

Crystal Fairies by JA-RU. Packaged in clear gel-inspired plastic casings that bear more than a passing resemblance to Easter eggs, these delightful toys will fit into any Easter basket. With the capability of being worn as a necklace or ring—or simply played with like regular dolls, these rhinestone-studded and detailed miniature figures come in foot colors: pink, yellow, turquoise, and purple. They are absolutely perfect for any little girls Easter basket and, retailing at only around $5 per doll, they are extremely affordable. To learn more, see here: https://www.jaru.com/

Pester the Pigeon

Pester the Pigeon by HexBug. A perfect toy for kitty’s Easter basket, Pester the Pigeon is a small battery-operated laser shooting toy by HexBug. His spinning head shines a laser on the ground that cats find absolutely irresistible. Pester comes with batteries included so you can play with him right out of the box. The laser shoots in various directions and will keep cats entertained and exercised for hours. Pester retails for $19.99. To learn more, see here: https://www.hexbug.com/hexbug-cat-toy-pester-pigeon.html


MicroTitans by HexBug. One of the best toys geared at boys to be released in 2019, MicroTitans are a line of robotic warriors that are small enough to fit into an Easter basket and are designed to resemble real-life historical army figures. A red Centurion (the pride of Rome), a blue Viking (leader of the Northern horde), a yellow Crusader (defenders of Europe) and a green Samurai (the guardians of Japan) are all represented in this four-figure set that includes remote controls and a circular battle panel (note that two warriors come with the panel and two are sold separately). Once charged up via included chargers, these toys can be played with for hours and are a wonderful addition to any little boys Easter baskets. These toys are also beautifully designed and detailed and may very well hold appeal for girls, too. The set (battle arena panel and two warriors) costs $50 with individual warriors retailing for $25 each. To learn more, see here: https://www.hexbug.com/hexbug-micro-titans-vortex-centurion-viking.html


Stacktopus Game by PlayMonster. While it might be too large to fit into the actual Easter Basket, this game is perfect for people of all ages. “Stacktopus” challenges players to arrange a series of colorful plastic cups to match the pattern on cards that come with the game. It sounds easy…but considering you must stack the cards while wearing tentacle-like “fingers” on your hands, the task is anything but simple.  Marketed at kids, this game is actually just as much fun for adults given it’s silly yet challenging initiatives. An ideal way to pass the time while cooped up, “Stacktopus” can also be played solo so you don’t need a partner to enjoy it. Easily the best game of 2020, this would make a fun addition to any Easter basket. It retails for $17.99. To learn more, see here: https://www.playmonster.com/product/stacktopus/

Juno My Baby Elephant

Juno My Baby Elephant by Spin Master. Although slightly too big to comfortably sit in most standard Easter baskets, Juno My Baby Elephant is perfect for Easter. A delightfully light-purple-hued, animatronic, Juno’s robotic sensors enable her to respond to touches on her forehead, cheeks, back, trunk, and elsewhere. Programmed with more than 150 movements and sounds, Juno becomes increasingly interactive based on how much she is played (and cuddled) with. Juno makes an array of cheerful sounds, trumpets, and can occasionally produce her own music. Dancing is one of Juno’s specialities as are interacting with her toy mouse and a peanut (both of which can be connected to her trunk via magnets). Nothing short of a marvel, this toy is a perfectly pastel addition to any Easter basket. Juno retails for approximately $50. To learn more, see here: https://www.spinmaster.com/product_detail.php?pid=p30780&bid=

Happy Easter!