EGG: Interview with Artist Dong Hee Lee

“EGG” is a new exhibition of work by artist Dong Hee Lee that will be exhibited at the Garage Art Center gallery in March of 2022.

“EGG” is a new exhibition of work by artist Dong Hee Lee that will be exhibited at the Garage Art Center gallery in March of 2022. This solo show will highlight Dong Hee Lee’s beautiful and unusual sculptural wall hangings which comment on the mysteries of our physical and spiritual realities. Created via hot glue from a glue gun, each piece is constructed and shaped to resemble cells within the human body. Specifically, the pieces replicate the structure of the human egg that represents the origin of birth.

Celebrating Women’s History Month, this exhibition illuminates female identity from a cytological view and its relationship with nature. A series of unique installations, sculptures, and printed works that explore the origin of human beings and their relationship with the environment will be presented at the gallery. On the last day of the exhibition, artist Dong Hee Lee will demonstrate and perform an art workshop called “Glue Gun Painting on Canvas” where participants will be invited to use the same mediums used in the exhibited artworks. All programs are FREE and open to the public but registration is required.

Dong Hee Lee recently discussed her art, career, and this exhibition via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you initially get interested in becoming an artist and how did you start working with a glue gun?

Dong Hee Lee (DHL): Since my childhood, I enjoyed painting and crafts very much. This fed my motivation to be an artist. I was lucky my mother recognized my artistic talents and supported me going to an art college. I would say my whole life is in the art category. When I started my artwork inspired by tiny cells in our bodies, I wanted to express the feeling of soft and shiny cells. In the process of searching for suitable material, I came across hot glue and started using it.

MM: Why do sculptural forms so appeal to you?

EGGDHL: I would like to express Organic forms that irregular shapes that often occur in the natural world, which are usually asymmetrical, free form. I like the way sculpture inhabits the space shared by the viewer and how it interacts with them. The audience can touch and feel its various textures and forms from my three-dimensional works.

MM: How many pieces are in the show and do you have any personal favorites? If so, which one is your favorite and why?

DHL: There will be 4-5 installation pieces along with three digital print works. I love all the artwork I’ve done, but in this exhibition that celebrates Women’s History Month, the piece titled “Red fecundity” is especially meaningful. Fecundity means fruitfulness and fertility, the ability to produce abundant healthy growth or offspring. It represents the power of women and refers to the strong spirit of females.

MM: How long did it take you to complete the pieces in this show?

DHL: I don’t usually measure time while working, so I don’t know exactly how much time it took. Each work requires a different amount of time to complete, but it took approximately six-month to prepare for this exhibition.

MM: How did you find out about The Garage Art Center and secure a show with them?

EGGDHL: I’ve known Garage Art Center’s director Stephanie Lee for many years. We are both in the New York-based Korean American artist group called ‘The Drawing Room’ together and have been exhibited together in many group exhibitions and art fairs. As fellow female artists living and working in Queens, we relate a lot and share the same visions. I was happy that she invited me to exhibit at the Garage Art Center.

MM: You’re giving a workshop as part of your exhibition, so how did you decide on the specific project?

DHL: I agree with the Garage Art Center supporting the community and promoting the public interest, awareness, knowledge, and education in the visual arts in Queens, New York. And I love the idea of providing a tactile art experience in the exhibition space performed by the artist. I hope by giving an experience of handling hot glue guns as a creation tool will engage the audience to understand my work deeper.

MM: What has been the highlight of your artistic career so far?

DHL: All careers are cherished, but one of the memorable exhibits was at 4heads – Portal at Federal Hall in 2016. It was a very special place and my large installation piece was installed inside the beautiful columns which worked perfectly with the space. It was such a good exhibition that many great artists created together.

EGGMM: What events, projects, or other exhibitions are coming up soon, and is there anything else that you would like to discuss?

DHL: I am interested in cultural exchange and plan to participate in exhibitions where I can interact with the audience in the future.

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