Fairytales and Rock Music: Interview with Actress/Singer/Writer Amanda Andrews

Amanda Andrews
Amanda Andrews is a multitalented performing artist. An actress, singer, writer, and producer who has performed in films, plays, musicals, and cabarets.

Amanda Andrews is a multitalented performing artist. An actress, singer, writer, and producer who has performed in films, plays, musicals, and cabarets. She has written, produced, and acted in her own work including a short film titled “But A Dream” and “Brilliant, But Off…” a one-woman play about mental health with rock & roll music. She is looking forward to debuting a new show as writer/performer/producer at Joe’s Pub in May of 2022.

Amanda is currently planning to act in “Forget Fairytales,” a comedy play written by Christine Sloan Stoddard whom she previously collaborated with in the comedy “Cyber Cinderella”; both new plays with premiers at Manhattan’s Broadway Comedy Club. Amanda is passionate about collaborating on new works.

In addition to creative endeavors, Amanda enjoys volunteering, playing with dogs, practicing yoga, and engaging in conversations about the human experience and mental health. She recently discussed her career via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you discover your talent for acting and singing and how did you break into the theater?

Amanda Andrews (AA): Honestly, I was a total outcast in middle school. I wanted so desperately to make friends, so I tried out for every single sports team, and seeing as 12-year-old me could barely run a 12-minute mile, I did not make any of them. In a stroke of great fortune, I made it into the Spring musical, which was actually the extracurricular activity that I most enticed by (certainly far more than anything that involved running and a ball). Though some of the kids in the play were “popular,” everyone was an outcast in their own beautiful way. For the first time in my life, I felt like there wasn’t anything wrong with me, and everything that made me different from other people, connected me to these extraordinary people.

Amanda AndrewsMM: Did your love for writing come after your love for acting (and singing) or before?

AA: Writing has always been a natural feeling form of expression for me. I have a much easier time communicating my thoughts and feelings in writing than in speaking. Throughout my life I would receive positive feedback about letters and essays that I wrote, but never felt a fiery pull to pursue writing as I did with performing arts. It wasn’t until I wrote, produced, and performed “Brilliant, But Off,” a rock & roll play about mental health, in 2018, that writing became an integral part of my creative endeavors.

MM: What kinds of characters do you most enjoy portraying?

AA: I love playing anyone who is lit up with epic desires while also weighed with the plight of conquering personal obstacles in order to obtain their desires. To me, this tension exemplifies the spirit of humanity.

MM: How, if at all, did your childhood influence your creativity?

AA: Being an only child, I spent more time around adults. While I often felt bored, I would feel the most alive when I could change the energy by being entertaining people and making people laugh.

Amanda AndrewsMM: How did you meet and start working with Christine Sloan Stoddard and what do you most enjoy about her work?

AA: I was lucky to meet my now friend and collaborator Christine Sloan Stoddard while working on a film called, “A Love Of My Own.”  We both acted in the film, and Christine also served as a producer. I am most delighted by the poeticism, poignant commentary on societal norms, clever humor, and refreshing rawness present in Stoddard’s works.

MM: What characters do you play in “Forget Fairytales”?

AA: In “Forget Fairytales,” I get to play three vibrant, well-spoken women, each wildly different from one another: Toilet Queen, Merry Princess, and Carleigh.

MM: What’s your favorite part of this play and why?

AA: I love how the characters in “Forget Fairytales” are heightened in thought provoking, comical ways, and also rooted in uncomfortable realities.

MM: Do you prefer acting in film or on stage?

AA: I love acting. Both mediums invoke their own special type of magic.

MM: How have you gotten your own films produced?

Amanda AndrewsAA: It takes a village! I have produced 1 short film that I wrote, “…But A Dream,”.  I self-funded the project and was able to do so through the generosity of collaborators and community who contributed their talents, time, and physical spaces.

MM: What are your favorite things about working as an actress in New York?

AA: I love the journey, and the people that I meet along the way. I feel like my growth as a human and as an artist are interconnected. I can’t imagine who I would be if it weren’t for the challenges and successes I have encountered while living in NYC and pursuing an acting career.

MM: What other projects are you working on right now and what themes or issues might you like to address in future works that you write?

AA: I am currently developing another one woman show that I will perform in May 2022! In line with the theme of mental health, the show will be an honest illustration of discomfort, confusion, elation, and many other colors of my human experience.

Amanda AndrewsMM: What are your ultimate goals for the future and is there anything else that you would like to mention?

AA: I strive to shine light on human emotions and experiences that may feel overwhelming. I find ultimate gratification when I can share myself in a way that causes other people to feel connection, humor, or reassurance in their individual human experiences.


To learn more about Amanda, visit her official website or follow her on Instagram via @amandrews31