Fashion Producer Alexander Gurman Shows New Styles at the Israel Day Parade

Alexander Gurman
The Israel Day Parade took place in May 2021 in NYC.

The Israel Day Parade recently took place in New York, mere weeks after clashes between Palestinians and Jews occurred on the streets of Manhattan. Many had profound safety concerns about participating in the parade but fashion producer Alexander Gurman saw an opportunity to not only attend, and celebrate his own Jewish heritage, but also promote the fashions that he is well known for.

Alexander GurmanAlexander creates clothes and shows that are inclusive of all body types, ages, genders, and colors. Despite his mission to create runway shows that are body-positive, he has been labeled as objectifying Jewish women by some rabbis. Alexander has not let this criticism deter him and, at the parade, he took lingering covid safety precautions and proudly marched with, and photographed, gorgeous Jewish ladies and gentlemen who honored the event with their presence and beauty and handsome features.

Alexander Gurman“There are so many fashion designers who trace their origin to Jewish roots and its important to celebrate those who face terrorism with gorgeous outfits and art” Alexander declared. “We hope you will enjoy our performance. You can watch the show live stream at and on instagram @alexanderegurman and on Facebook”

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