Fashion Producer Alexander Gurman Hosts Photoshoot of Colors at Pride Parade

Alexander Gurman
Fashion producer Alexander Gurman used the vibrancy of The New York City Pride Parade as a backdrop for an inclusive fashion event.

The New York City Pride Parade is a colorful affair and fashion producer Alexander Gurman used that vibrancy art inspiration for a fashion event that he arranged at the parade.

Alexander Gurman“This parade is a colorful affair and we hope that our fashion show at the parade may help to heal bad feelings of the past and heal the society around fashion that can be admired by all,” Alexander declared. “Given the challenges of the pandemic, lawlessness of the past year, and financial burden on LGBTQ community since many members worked in the entertainment area and restaurant service business, we hope to bring added joy to the event.”

Alexander is known for his producing shows that are highly inclusive of people of all backgrounds, lifestyles, and body shapes. He works with many independent designers and decided to bring especially colorful clothes to this event. Alexander recently enjoyed a success of 2 million views, on average, per month via Facebook and monetization on YouTube. His brand has also been able to produce videos that are profitable and help to increase awareness of the designers, many of whom are emerging.

Alexander Gurman“We hope that the Pride Parade will be watched by many and our sponsors will make a return on investment,” Alexander said. “We even have a dog fashion show sponsor called VetVittles and Energy Drink Dino Luzzi that keeps us full of energy. We are getting more and more countries distribution for our content and it’s exciting.”

To see the Pride Parade fashion show, visit Alexander’s YouTube and Instagram @alexanderegurman and