Fashion Producer Alexander Gurman Celebrates Independent Designers at the 4th of July Fireworks Show

Alexander Gurman
Fashion producer Alexander Gurman decided to celebrate the return of the fireworks by hosting a fashion show at NYC's biggest July 4th Event.

Macy’s fabulous July 4th Firework Show of 2021 was an extra-special live event after more than a year of covid lockdown. While the event was broadcast in 2020, there were no crowds. Fashion producer Alexander Gurman has decided to celebrate the return of the fireworks by hosting a fashion show at the event that features the creation of independent designers.

Alexander Gurman“Finally we could do a full blown fashion show with our fellow citizens on Independence Day,” Alexander declared. “The combination of glow-in-the-dark fashion collection styles and light up pieces with the fireworks was an epic comeback for the spirit of the USA.”

Alexander started the Independence Day fashion show at the Coney Island beach in the morning and continued with the fireworks at night where the models were situated with a fabulous view to Manhattan.

Alexander Gurman“We are grateful for the NYPD for providing press passes for our core crew to come and set up in advance,” Alexander said. “We got energy support from the Energy Drink company Dino Luzzi. We have k-9 participants with dogs from various dog shows supporting us with VetVittles. We got mobile changing tents, we got mobile toilets, drinks, snacks, chairs, blankets and everything else important for a successful event.

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Pictures from the July 4th will be printed in Variety International Magazine and many other online magazines published.