Fashionable Disguises: The Crossover Between Costumes and Couture

Fashionable Disguises
Fashion producer Alexander Gurman has been attending the annual New York City Halloween Parade for years showcasing the ties between fashion and costumes.

Fashionable disguises are all the range on October 31. Halloween has some truly elaborate and unusual costumes that run the spectrum from high fashion to simple DIY projects. Fashion producer Alexander Gurman has been attending the annual New York City Halloween Parade for over a decade and, in 2019, decided to start filming it with a number of his regular models in tow. Their aim was to highlight the close relationship between fashion and costumes and how the two frequently inform one another.

Fashionable Disguises
Alexander’s models pose for photos at the parade.

The Village Halloween Parade is open to everyone and Alexander had no problem finding models who were exciting to participate. Before the parade began at 7pm in Manhattan, Alexander gathered the models together at BRIC Studios in Brooklyn. They dressed for the parade and took photos in their costumes–and makeup which was done by a professional–before heading into the city to march down the streets. Among attendees was Jennifer a self-proclaimed “marketing nerd,” models Alexis, Sam, Colleen, and Kiki, cameraman and lighting expert Andrey, and an array of designers. Tagging along with Alexander’s group as a journalist, it was easy to witness first-hand how much joy the parade brings to the masses.

Fashionable Disguises
The parade features an array of stylish costumes.

“To solicit services at the parade is illegal but some tasteful promotions are allowed,” Alexander explained. “That gave me the idea to have a few models walk with promotional drinks, and promotion snacks and in designer costumes to advance the brands. In my mind I was considering giving business cards and fliers but none of it materialized.”

Alexander is hoping to continue his series of modeling events at public parades, especially the Village Halloween Parade which has a truly fun and creative vibe. From superheroes, to ghosts, to zombies, to high fashion, the parade truly features something for everyone.

Fashionable Disguises
The models cat-walking down the street during the Village Halloween Parade in NYC.

“It’s a parade that celebrates what’s fun and creative which is very similar to the fashion industry,” Alexander declared. “It’s also an inclusive parade and my fashion shows are included so it’s a good fit for my models and brand. I look forward to taking part in future parades as well and bridging the gap between costumes and couture.”