Fashionably Free: Central Park Fashion Protests Harassment with Style

Fashionably Free
On Sunday March 28, a fashionable group of people will gather in New York’s Central Park to show off fancy styles and protest harassment.

On Sunday March 28, 2021, a fashionable group of people will gather in New York’s Central Park to take photos, show off fancy styles, and protest animal cruelty and the harassment of photographers and models—most of whom are young women—which has been on the rise in recent years.

Fashionably FreeThe event will also serve as a shoot for “Fashion Model Magazine” which is a new publication by fashion producer Alexander Gurman which aspires to serve as a sort of yellow-pages catalogue for the fashion and beauty industries. Alexander Gurman is renowned for his highly artistic and inclusive fashion shows that feature a variety of styles, up-and-coming designers, and models of all backgrounds, ages, and shapes. He has thereby built an impressive network of connections in the industry and amassed a sizable fan base.

Fashionably FreeThe Covid-19 pandemic hit the live entertainment and restaurant industries especially hard and these are fields in which many models traditionally work. The fashion industry was also seriously affected with many shows and catwalks being closed through 2020 due to social distancing regulations. Now, as New York slowly starts to reopen, Alexander Gurman has decided to partner with approximately fourteen other professionals in the fashion industry to speak out against harassment.

Fashionably Free“Harassment of models has been a problem for years,” Alexander explained. “Girls get cat-called on the streets, people leave rude comments on their social media accounts, and they occasionally even get grabbed, especially when working as waitresses or in other public service jobs. This is wrong and we want to use this show as an opportunity to discuss and protest this sort of harassment.”

Alexander also noted that photographers have become increasingly in danger of falling under attack, especially when out covering local events. Alexander personally knows photographers who have been beaten and robbed and this reality is another issue that will be protested at the Central Park event.

Fashionably FreeAnimals are also a subject close to Alexander’s heart; he owns several pets and his father manages a veterinary clinic in Brooklyn. To that end, Alexander invited some designers of pet clothes—especially doggie attire—to the event. During the dog-focused portion, signs will be displayed protesting the incidents of animal cruelty and promoting the adoption of shelter animals to save them from being euthanized. Alexander’s father’s pet vitamin brand, #VetVittles will support the protest by making signs decrying animal cruelty.

“This is an event rooted in anti-violence. The show is about protesting harassment in all forms of both people and animals while also celebrating creativity and fashion,” Alexander explained. “By juxtaposing beautiful models and clothes with ugly realities, we raise awareness about these issues which will hopefully lead to finding solutions.” Fashionably Free

The March 28 fashion show will take place outdoors from 10am to 7pm. It will feature clothing for animals, children, women and men ranging in styles from fancy dress, to casual attire, to swimwear. Accessories such as handbags, jewelry and shoes will also be featured. All participants will practice social distancing and masks are required.

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