Focused on Sustainably: SeaStrawsCo and Shore Buddies

There are an increasing number of companies seeking to go green and raise awareness of ongoing environmental concerns.

Environmentalism is a crucial topic that is changing the way that human beings all over the world live, think, and behave. Being mindful about the products that we use, and how waste is managed, is becoming critical as the Earth suffers the effects of global warming and pollution. One of the biggest environmental threats is the presence of discarded plastic garbage making its way into the ocean and, subsequently, the mouths of fish and marine life, typically with fatal consequences. Luckily, there are an increasing number of companies seeking to go green and create eco-friendly items whilst also raising awareness of ongoing environmental concerns. SeaStrawsCo and Shore Buddies are two such brands.

SeaStrawsCo. is aiming to save the environment one sip at a time. Research suggests that, at the rate of pollution today, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. SeaStrawsCo. is attempting to help the environment by creating the strongest paper straws available on the market. SeaStraws are made in the USA and last over two hours in liquid without getting soggy!

Founded by four young entrepreneurs, this brand was formed with a vision to empower and educate consumers on living in harmony with the planet and becoming a go-to resource for sustainable education and products. This is a brand that recognizes that small actions add up and inspire widespread impact by encouraging consumers to make a small change and feel good about the difference they are making. Best of all, that straws are affordable. A pack of 30 costs $24.99.

SeaStraws These eco-friendly straws are part of an overall larger movement to raise awareness about the problems that our oceans are currently facing due to pollution and, specifically, plastics. The new Shore Buddies is a similarly-minded collection of plush toys that are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles (it takes six plastic bottles to make one 12″ stuffed animal). The collection features an array of huggable characters including Stephen Seagull, Shelly the Sea Turtle and Finn the Dolphin, and Emma the Whale; they even make authentic animal sounds when their bellies are pressed. Like SeaStraws, Shore Buddies promotes a message of recycling, environmental responsibility, and anti-littering. The brand even comes with a “Plastic Ocean” picture book: They retail for $11.99, making them very affordable.

It will take decades to truly make all the changes needed to combat global warming, but companies such as these are a steady step towards that important goal.