Frederator Announces the Return of Bee and PuppyCat

Bee and PuppyCat
Frederator Announces the Return of Bee and PuppyCat.

Animation company Frederator is pleased to celebrate the release of a new season of the popular cartoon “Bee and PuppyCat” which aired on Netflix on September 6, 2022. The new season will feature the all-new story arc that further showcases the charm and originality of the show’s voice and its comic, yet dreamy, appeal unmatched in other popular animated series.

Creator Natasha Allegri hopes that viewers will enjoy the sixteen brand-new half-hour episodes and she recently discussed the show via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you get interested in animation and how did you think up the idea for “Bee and PuppyCat”?

Natasha Allegri (NA): I fell into animation through webcomics I used to make in high school. Webcomics back then were really cool, because there really wasn’t a way to make money off of them, so you were just making content for either yourself or as a way to connect with other people who were doing the same thing. I ended up getting work on “Adventure Time” because of the webcomics I made. I came up with “Bee and Puppycat” after smashing together all the things I liked.

MM: Are the characters inspired by you or people you know in any way?

NA: Sure! I don’t really think I believe you can write characters that aren’t inspired by the people around you…

MM: How did you come to work with Frederator?

NA: I was working on “Adventure Time,” which was a Frederator property… and Frederator asked me to pitch, so I did!

MM: What was it like to have your show aired on Netflix?

NA: It was very nice, thank you. I don’t have Netflix though, so I’ve had to ask friends and family to send me screenshots of stuff.

MM: Be honest, have you any favorite episodes? If so, which ones and why?

NA: I love all my children equally. If there was a fire and I could save only one, all seventeen of us would all die in that fire together holding hands and screaming.

MM: What’s been the most rewarding thing about working in the field of animation?

NA: Finding people who I work really well with, who share the same sensibilities and humor as me. I have made a few very good friends in this field. I am very thankful for being able to make things with my friends. Also, getting to talk to Kathy Najimy. She is so beautiful and her voice is so amazing and like… I just really love Peggy Hill so much hahaha! “King of the Hill” is my favorite animated show.

MM: What’s the best fan feedback you’ve gotten about the show?

NA: The best feedback has been seeing people happy after the wait. It was very humbling to be welcomed back so warmly and affectionately after all this time.

MM: How do you hope the show—and your career—will evolve over the next five years?

NA: It’s hard to say how the show will evolve, we do not have a pickup so who knows what will happen. As for my career, I’m hoping to make some more skateboard decks with my boyfriend, maybe design some clothing as well…five years is a long time. I think the world will be very different in five years so I am not sure I can make any solid plans.

MM: How do you envision working with Frederator and Netflix in the future?

NA: I assume it’ll kind of be the same, only hopefully with a little more money because of inflation.

MM: What are your ultimate goals for the future and is there anything else that you would like to mention?

NA: I’d like to make more things with my friends, that would be the ultimate. Thank you very much for the interview.

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