From Easy Home Storage to DIY Hanging Pictures: Interview with At-Home Inventor and Entrepreneur Shari Hammond

Entrepreneur Shari Hammond
Shari Hammond is a talented designer and entrepreneur from the state of Texas who invented both the Cabinet Caddy and Go Hang It.

Shari Hammond is an entrepreneur who invented both the Cabinet Caddy and Go Hang It.

Cabinet Caddy is a modular, rotating storage organizer that was specially designed to declutter spaces intended for spices, medicine, bathroom vanities, workbenches for hardware and more. Cabinet Caddy fits standard 12″ cabinets and can also sit on countertops, holding 20-30 items depending on their size. Cabinet Caddy comes with stick-on labels and foam stability inserts to keep smaller bottles from tipping. No assembly is required

Go Hang It makes it easier than ever to hang pictures without using tape measurers or rulers. Go Hang It was designed to work with sawtooth and wire hanging hardware, and it features a unique nail-marking system (with a built-in removable level) that sets it apart from competing brands. Go Hang It also comes with a detachable hardware case, filled with 85 pieces of picture-hanging hardware, everything one needs to hang photos quickly

Shari Hammond is a single mother from Austin, Texas, who recently discussed her career as a designer via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you discover your knack for designing and how come you focused on cabinets and picture hangers?

Shari Hammond (SH): I get my knack from designing from my parents. My father is a retired mechanical engineer from IBM. My mother was very artistic and creative. I grew up creating and making things. The focus on cabinets and picture hangers really come from identifying a personal need. I am a single mom and I’m quite short. I needed to be able to manage my spice cabinet easily without knocking everything out as I sorted through it. And for picture hanging, I don’t have someone to hang pictures of my son for me. I wanted something that was easy and quick, so I started looking at what was out there and figured out a better way.

Entrepreneur Shari Hammond
Cabinet Caddy

MM: Which of these products did you come up with first and which one was tougher to perfect?

SH: The Cabinet Caddy came first and was available end 2018. Go Hang It was definitely tougher because it is a tool that hangs multiple types of hangers, wire, sawtooth and D-hook.

MM: How different did the prototypes look from the final products?

SH: I guess that depends on what stage?  The beginning stages can be quite crude, where you are literally using materials that you have laying around.  I work with an industrial design firm that helps me put my ideas into CAD or mechanical drawings.  We usually do our first true prototyping after that, so often those prototypes look very much like the end product.

MM: How did you go about getting these items on the market and your name out there?

Entrepreneur Shari Hammond
Go Hang It

SH: I have a background in marketing and graphic design, so marketing materials and packaging are all done in-house. I have a very small team of people that help me with social media, websites and PR. Other than that, it is creating social media ads and going to trade shows to try and get the word out!

MM: What stores are these products sold in currently?

SH: We sell through a few online retailers, The Grommet, Amazon and our own websites. We are in the process of on boarding to Home Depot and Sharper Image with Go Hang It and Do It Best with both products.

MM: What sorts of feedback have you gotten about your inventions?

SH: We get most of our feedback from people at trade shows and online at Amazon. We take customer feedback seriously and it helps us to reevaluate our products so we can improve. For instance, I am working on a second-generation Cabinet Caddy right now.

MM: What other products are you working on? Can you give us any sneak peeks into future launches?

SH: I am working on a few different products right now. One is an organizational product for canned goods. And as I mentioned before, I am working on a second-generation Cabinet Caddy. The new Cabinet Caddy will shelves are wider and they will be adjustable so you can set the shelf height to suit your specific items that you need stored.

MM: What advice would you give to fledgling inventors?

SH: Don’t give up. Keep tweaking, modifying and getting your ideas in front of people. Listen to their feedback and prototype, prototype, prototype.

MM: What projects are coming up for you soon and is there anything else that you would like to mention?

SH: We are launching the Cabinet Caddy on QVC in April or May. I was going to be a guest, but right now due to COVID19, they aren’t allowing guest hosts. I am really hoping that things will open up before my airing so that I can go and demonstrate. For more information on my products visit and