Genisis: Artist Jason Dube Debuts New Comic Book

“Genisis” is a new comic book published by Scattered Comics that focuses on a teenage angel named Genisis who defies the rules of Heaven to change the Earth's fate.

“Genisis” is a new comic book published by Scattered Comics that focuses on a teenage angel named Genisis who defies the rules of Heaven to change the Earth’s fate. A supernatural tale that takes place in Victorian England, the comic is filled with art from various illustrators. I’s creative team includes Sarch D (aka Sergio Robles) with colors by Diego Vasquez and lettering by Jaymes Reed. The story itself is written by Scattered Comics founder and owner, Jason Dube, who recently discussed its creation via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you discover your love for the arts and why did you gravitate towards comic books?

Jason Dube (JD): As a kid I was always going to the local 7-11 to see what new comics were on the rack. Then I’d go to school and draw my own comic stories in the classroom. I wasn’t making my teachers happy but as I grew older, I started getting other students giving me praise for my scribbles. Then somewhere down the line a flash went off in my head where I thought maybe I can do this for a living.

MM: What was it like to start your own company, Scattered Comics, and how have you evolved over the years?

JD: I had been doing a little eight page printed at the local Kinkos store comic book called “Scattered”. And it was from that book I called the company Scattered Comics. It was generally just my own self-published comics, but the last ten years I brought in Noel Serrato as Art Director and with his help, we have been expanding to bring in other creator-owned comic book properties. So now the company has a bunch of titles of all types of genres and styles. It’s great because we all feed off each other’s creative energy. We are all helping each other out.

MM: What inspired “Genisis”?

JD: When I started my Scattered comic series, “Genisis” was more a supporting character to help the storyline of another character named Steve. You know, that all knowing character that can break down all this mysterious spirit world stuff and explain it to get the other character through it faster. Anyway, the more I wrote her, the more I realized what an interesting person she was. So, she became more prominent and a regular in the comic book pretty quickly.

MM: What were the challenges and benefits of making the main character an angel?

JD: Benefits are that I can create her and give her powers and such without being limited. I mean, angels are imagined as having awesome power. So, who knows what she can actually do? I also like the idea of her struggling with her mission for the heavens. And if she interferes with fate, can she change things or just make things happen as they are foretold? The challenges to her being an angel is that there is a lot of beliefs about angels and though my stories are fiction, so there is always the backlash of people getting upset I am showing angels in the improper light.

“Genisis” was written by Jason Dube and published by Scattered Comics.

MM: Why did you select several artists to work on this project and how did you select them?

JD: Being an artist myself, I quickly learned I had so many different stories for different comic books that I couldn’t possibly draw them all myself. I met Sarch on Facebook and we told him about my story for a “Genisis” comic book. He loved the concept and started coming up with concept art immediately. I was so shocked at his skills and how quickly he grasped my concept. So he drew the entire comic book and it came out brilliant. Inside the comic I showcase a gallery of different artists drawing “Genisis,” and I was able to get Summer Dale to draw a special variant edition cover for the comic book.

MM: How long do you intend this series to go on for?

JD: The series is a 3-issue arc with each issue taking place in different times. This first issue takes place in Victorian period.

MM: How are you going about marketing and distributing this?

JD: So, with this comic book I will only be making it available thru the Indiegogo crowdfunder that will be live to participate in until early March. Once it’s over, there will be no other way to get a copy.

MM: What are your ultimate goals for the future and is there anything else that you would like to mention?

JD: My ultimate goal is to be able to release my books more frequently and giving the fans more content. I hope everyone gets a chance to check out the Indiegogo campaign before it ends and gets a copy of the comic. Thank you so much for this interview.

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