Glamnetic: A Beauty Brand for the Modern Age


Glamnetic is a startup makeup brand that believes beauty should be fashionable and effortless. The company primarily creates false eyelashes and press-on nail kits. Designed for women with busy lives, these products are designed to be easy to apply and #beGlamnetic.

Glamnetic was founded by Los Angeles based artist and entrepreneur, Ann McFerran (@themodernartista) who was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and immigrated to America at age seven. Ann graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Psychobiology and devoted her time to developing magnetic lashes that actually worked, in styles that she would personally wear. During July 2019, after teaching herself everything from product development to marketing, Glamnetic was born.

Ann recently discussed her company and her hopes for its future via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you initially get interested in the beauty industry and how did you establish Glamnetic?

Ann McFerran (AF): It’s funny how many turns my life has taken to finally bring me to this exact point today. Beauty was not always my chosen field of career. Surprisingly, I was actually a pre-med student at UCLA during college. But after graduation, I switched paths to become a full-time fine artist. It was a risky move but I enjoyed channelling my creative energy into my art. While I commissioned so many pieces of art around the world, after a few years, this career felt isolated and lonely. I wanted to collaborate with people to build something that I believed in and create a community of unique individuals around me.

This led me to start Glamnetic. I actually immigrated to the United States at a young age from Thailand. Growing up in an all-white neighborhood, I always felt different from the rest of the kids around me all through high school. Being Asian, I felt especially insecure about my lashes being small. For several years I had been trying all kinds of lashes but I never found any that were high quality, long lasting and suited my eye shape perfectly. That’s what led me to start Glamnetic. I put all my savings into launching this business and taught myself everything from marketing to product development to coding and finally, a year later in 2019 I launched Glamnetic as its very first employee.

MM: Can you describe how the new Birthday Collection differs from previous collections?

AF: Of course! This Birthday Collection is extremely close to my heart because it signifies Glamnetic turning a year old. We have grown so much in so little time and this launch is bigger than any of our previous collections and is the culmination of almost 6 months of hard work. With every new launch, the brand tries to beat its own previous record of innovation and this collection was no different. It features products that we have ventured into for the very first time and I’m happy to say that we did so with a bang! Our Birthday Collection Kit (which included the entire collection in a special box) that cost over $700 actually sold out in 11 minutes!

The six B-series lashes included in this collection are high quality vegan lashes that feature the same curl and dimensionality as mink. The lashes are created using a unique fiber that perfectly mimics the look and feel of mink. The lashes also come with four additional lash anchors placed under each corner of the lash. Lash Anchors are basically tiny individual magnets with hairs that you can place under your natural lash to sandwich it between the anchor and the Glamnetic Lash. This gives your Lash extra strength to stay in place throughout the day. They are so easy to apply and just as easy to remove. And the best part is that they are so comfortable and lightweight, you can barely even notice you have them on!

Another extremely exciting aspect of the Birthday Collection was diving into nails for the very first time! We launched 4 nail styles – 2 natural and 2 glam. These are high-quality nails that have a jelly finish and are designed for a comfort fit, to look as natural as possible. They completely eliminate the need to go to the salon to get a manicure because with our reusable Press-on Nails kit, you can do a DIY manicure in the comfort of your own home! This product signifies our initial launch into the nails category and its success has led us to expand in this section by a lot more.

Lastly, another significant new addition to our assortment was the Soo Future! Magnetic Felt Tip Eyeliner Pens. Launched in black and brown, these pens are one of the firsts of their kind in the market. Since we already have our Glamnetic Liquid Liner that is one of our bestsellers, we launched felt tip liners for those that prefer the mobility and ease of use that comes with felt tip liner pens. Having 2 color options gives the customers the option to create bold wings or natural looks depending on their tastes and preferences.

MM: Why did you decide to focus on lashes and nails in particular?

AF: Magnetic Eyelashes are a hero product of Glamnetic and loved by all of our customers. It’s what gave us our start. Naturally, they had to be included in the collection that celebrates the brand’s success. We introduced a line of 6 vegan lashes that have been carefully curated based on the likes of our audience and being vegan, they are accessible to all. There is no Glamnetic without magnetic lashes. With nails, I realized an opportunity during quarantine and this period of social distancing when it is not that easy to visit a nail salon. I thought to myself, “well, why not bring the nail salon to my customers’ homes?” This enabled me to create the ultimate kit that features nails, a glue and all the other tools you need for the perfect manicure. This kit entirely eliminates your need to drive to the salon because of its excellent quality and long-lasting nails. Nails have been a part of my wardrobe for so many years now and I have been especially wearing press-on nails for quite a while. They have been a game changer for me because of how effortless they are and with all the new trends, I believe we are inching closer and closer to making beauty just that- effortless.

MM: What other collections might you expand to soon?

AF: We have so many exciting launches coming up! We are currently working on expanding on our current products as well as venturing into new and unexplored categories of beauty. More lashes and more nail styles are lined up for future launches alongside some really fun and huge collaborations. We are also exploring the possibility of venturing into color cosmetics and skincare over the new year. Stay tuned!

MM: How do you select your styles and patterns?

AF: Being an artist, I naturally have a very creative mindset and I am able to visualize concepts very well. I tend to draw inspiration from popular trends but I always give that my own spin. I try to incorporate these trends into what I love and what my interests are. For example, the Birthday Collection is space themed and the entire concept is actually inspired by my love and intrigue for space! I am very interested in science, space travel and just about what’s going on in the universe. Space travel is a very futuristic concept and I based the collection on that. It breaks all barriers of innovation and is very forward thinking and ahead of its time, just like astronomy.

MM: Do you have a favorite product? If so, which one and why?

AF: It is so hard to pick! But if I have to, I’d say it’s definitely the Bombshell lash and the Magnetic Felt Tip Liners. Bombshell lash has the prettiest lash shape I have ever seen and it really allows me to enhance my eyes. Being Asian, it’s really difficult to find lashes that suit my eye shape and I made sure that my collection caters to all kinds of eyes and eye shapes. Bombshell lash exemplifies my features, feels so light and literally makes me feel like a bombshell when I have them on! The Felt Tip Pens are another favorite because they are just so easy to use! They have brilliant pigmentation and such a strong hold; my lashes stay on all day with this liner. And an added bonus is that they look so chic and slim.

MM: What’s the coolest fan feedback you’ve gotten?

AF: It’s funny you ask! We actually received some really interesting feedback from one Stacie Lynn for Glamnetic. She was in a fairly serious car accident yet, despite the ordeal and bumps and bruises, her eyelashes never came off. While we hope she’s recovered fully and is back to good health, we highly appreciate her honest review.

MM: How do you hope to see your brand evolve in the near future?

AF: We are definitely looking into exploring into new categories as well as tap into new international markets. Just in a year, our team has grown so much to build a global network of employees across 3 continents. We hope to keep honing in on this and expanding our brand to create a global team. I also see the brand evolving into a much larger, global venture that caters to an audience worldwide and is accessible to all. We want Glamnetic to be not just the go-to brand for lashes, but for highly innovative products that become an integral part of our customer’s beauty routines.

MM: What has been the highlight of your career as thus far?

AF: It’s so hard to pick, I think starting Glamnetic as a whole! I started Glamnetic in July last year as its only employee. Every single milestone from there on has been monumental. Whether it was hiring my first employee, moving to an actual office from my Koreatown apartment, having major celebrities like Doja Cat tag us organically or even as of recently being featured in Forbes! I am so proud of what we have built. My team has grown from 4-5 employees to over 35- all while working from home! This entire journey up until now is the highlight of my life and as I tell my entire team every Monday morning, “it’s onwards and upwards from here”!

MM: What is coming up next for you and is there anything else that you would like to mention?

AF: Alongside a ton of new Glamnetic launches, we have some really exciting huge collaborations coming up! You also might see us featured in a popular subscription box soon. The brand is also currently working on expanding beyond D2C to explore new sales channels and grow much more in the online as well as retail space.


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