Glowing Independence: Fireworks, Freelancing, and Fashion

July 4th marks America's Independence Day and a NY fireworks show which fashion industry professional Alexander Gurman uses as a backdrop for model shoots.

July 4th marks America’s Independence Day and New York celebrates the occasion with one of the most spectacular fireworks shows in the world, the Macy’s East River Fireworks Show. Every year, millions gather to see the display which includes global media coverage, celebrity appearances, music and—of course—fireworks.

Alexander has visited the fireworks display and photographed both it and models in high-fashion apparel.

Fashion producer Alexander Gurman takes the Fourth of July celebrations to new heights by using the occasion as a platform to photograph models and new fashions against a backdrop of excited crowds, fireworks, and national pride. In 2019, Alexander used the nighttime parade as an opportunity to showcase the newest offerings in one of his most famous fashion lines: glow in the dark clothing. Mainly dresses, the apparel in this line is adorned with beads that absorb light and glow vibrantly in the darkness. Against the backdrop of fireworks, the dresses illuminated under the night sky which drew the eyes of many in the crowd.

The show is one of the most famous in the world.

“I love using public events as a way to bring attention to the models and fashion brands under my label,” Alexander Gurman declared. “My wife designs most of the glow in the dark clothes in the line and she’s got a great eye for style. These clothes are among the most popular we have ever showcased and we even have a glow in the dark wedding dress collection.”

Alexander also noted that Independence Day was a great opportunity to highlight the paths into the fashion industry since many models start out working freelance.

Alexander attempts to film the firework show live every single year and use it as a backdrop for modeling original outfits.

“I believe in finding talent early on so I’m happy to work with models who are just getting into the business,” Alexander explained. “There is no one way into the fashion industry and I like to give newcomers a chance by letting them experience the modeling world at both public events and through private event runway shows during fashion week.”

One of Alexander’s models poses in a glow-in-the-dark swimsuit which was designed by the Gurman brand and are quite popular during the hot summer months.

Standing in the crowds on July 4th and watching the models proudly pose in the unique clothing, it is easy to understand why New York—and America as a whole—is such a draw for creative people who often rely on freelancing networks of independent workers to break into competitive industries. Alexander Gurman Productions is known for their inclusiveness of all shapes, styles, and ages and it is therefore very befitting that he often uses city public events as opportunities to cover both fashion and the wonderful offerings of NYC.

To reach out to Alexander about modeling opportunities, visit him on Facebook. A video of some of his firework footage can be seen via his YouTube channel here.