Guilty Pleasures: Interview with Musical Artist Karine Hannah

Guilty Pleasures
“Guilty Pleasures” is a new show by Karine Hannah who will be performing at New York City’s legendary Feinstein’s/54 Below on November 1st, 2019, at 9:30pm. Photo courtesy of Liz Maney.

“Guilty Pleasures” is a new show by musical artist Karine Hannah who will be performing at New York City’s legendary Feinstein’s/54 Below on Friday, November 1st, 2019, at 9:30pm.

Karine makes every classic her own by singing them in unique and memorable ways. Everything from “Baby Come Back,” to “Broken Wings” will be presented as talented pianist Clifford Carter and percussionist Daniel Sadownick back up Karine. There will also be duets with famed singers Keith Anthony Fluitt and John James.

Karine Hannah was born in Montreal, Canada, and is known partly for her remarkable resemblance to Barbra Streisand who she regards as a musical inspiration along with vocalists Patti LaBelle, Celine Dion, and Gladys Knight. She has had the opportunity to perform in many shows in New York City and has decided to donate all the proceeds from her “Guilty Pleasures” concert to the Manhattan Children’s Center—which helps children with autism and other special needs—which Karine professes to be her favorite charity.

Recently Karine spoke about her experiences working as a singer in the music industry and her upcoming performance at 54 Below.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How old were you when you started singing and then when did you officially decide to enter the industry as a professional?

Karine Hannah (KH): I started singing before my teens, and I guess there was some realization as a kid that I had something, and by the time I was 15 I was singing professionally.

MM: Why do you gravitate towards pop and rock hits and how do you make these covers uniquely your own?

KH: I think that I gravitate to this music because it’s what I heard in the background on the radio (remember Radio?) my mother had the radio on all the time and these songs have classic melodies that allow me to use my vocals in their best ability. Every singer/artist has a way of interpreting a song, but I specifically chose only male songs, so that automatically puts a twist on the music, they’ve never been sung by a female singer and it’s a fresh way to hear these classic songs.

MM: Which of all the songs you cover is your favorite to perform and which ones get the biggest reactions from crowds?

KH: It’s hard to choose because I absolutely love every single song that I’ve chosen. There are 38 songs in this show. But if I had to pick one special one to sing it is: “Into The Night” by Benny Mardones. People might not know it by the title, but once they hear the chorus, they know it and are melting with me. It’s just one of those undeniable songs. Probably the biggest reaction I get is from my encore, when I sing come sail away by Styx. As soon as the intro starts people go crazy, and they have so much fun singing the chorus with me.

MM: How did you secure 54 Below as a venue and what are you most looking forward to about performing there?

KH: I performed at 54 below many times before for different concepts shows and they actually contacted me to ask me if I would like to perform there again and offered me this date.The last show that I did was a larger room with a bigger audience and as much as I love to be able to perform, I’ve come to really appreciate and enjoy a more intimate crowd. That’s what 54 below is. I’m looking forward to doing an intimate show.

MM: How did you hear about the Manhattan Children’s Center and what most appeals to you about the work that they do?

KH: The Manhattan children’s center is a special school that have specific ways of teaching and helping kids on the autism spectrum. This school is different from public schools that have classes for special needs kids. Autism is a charity that I’m very passionate about because I have someone in my family who is autistic and I understand what the school is doing for these children, unlike any other school available in New York City. I want to make sure that they can continue to keep their doors open for these children, as they are not funded by the DOE.

MM: What is forthcoming for your singing career and would you like to mention or discuss anything more?

KH: I love performing and doing different concepts shows, and have more shows in the works.  I’m also a recording artist and I’m finalizing new material that I’ll be releasing soon. Here is where people can find me:

Instagram: Thekarinehannah

Facebook: Karine Hannah

Twitter: Thekarinehannah

Please check me out on all streaming platforms like Spotify.


“Guilty Pleasure” tickets range in price from $30 to $40 and can be procured from visiting the official website of  here :