Her Secret Family Killer: Interview with Writer Matt Shevin

Secret Family Killer
"Her Secret Family Killer" is a new movie by New York-born writer Matt Shevin who just hit the big time in his filmmaking career.

“Her Secret Family Killer” is a new movie by writer Matt Shevin who just – for lack of a better term – hit the big time. After a relatively short time in Hollywood, the actor from Rye, New York, scored a starring role in the new Lifetime movie “Her Secret Family Killer”. In it, the talented thespian plays a sensitive sheriff who wants to prove himself by taking on a murder investigation. Twists ensue which Matt recently discussed via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): Matt, congratulations on the film! Is this your first lead?

Matt Shevin (MS): Thank you! It’s the biggest role I’ve had so far in my career. I loved shooting it.

MM: And how would you describe the character?

MS: Roger is a sheriff in a small town who doesn’t command respect from his close-knit group of friends and family. He’s earnest, however, and wants to prove that a murder investigation isn’t beyond his skill set.

MM: Did you have to psyche yourself up for some of those more emotionally-grueling scenes?

Secret Family Killer
Matt Shevin is a writer who stars in the movie.

MS: I had the formidable task of crying in one of the scenes, and that required some real focus and emotion. The scene in which my character’s true, evil side surfaces was so much fun to play, it didn’t require any psyching up! I was locked in.

MM: How empowering was it wearing that wardrobe?

MS: Wardrobe always helps inform the performance, so the small-town simple colors and casual jackets over plaid shirts really told me who this character was, and where he was from. Plus, I always had on a holster and a gun underneath the jacket, so there was a hint of danger.

MM: Did you do any research into the role?

MS: I had a lot of dialogue! So I read the script 200 times to not only learn my words, but to fully digest them and understand where each scene fit into the story.

Secret Family Killer
Matt hails from Rye, New York.

MM: Was the film inspired by a true story?

MS: Not necessarily, but it definitely captures a revolutionary new aspect of crime solving: using the results of home genetic testing kits.

MM: What do you hope the Lifetime film does for your career?

MS: I’d love to do more TV movies and larger roles. Casting is all about proving you have the chops to handle a something bigger, and I’d like to think I’ve proved it with this film.

MM: You like to develop your own projects; can you tell us about the TV series you were involved in?

MS: Yes, I’m currently in production as creator and star of “Hucksters,” an original work place comedy series set in the chaotic world of a creative advertising agency. I’m so proud of it.

MM: Is there a passion project?

MS: The TV show is definitely it, but I also have been blogging daily about life in LA as an actor for over a decade. It keeps my writing skills sharp, forces me to get out of the house and have a life, and book more work. Check it out! InsideTheActorsStudioApartment.blogspot.com