Homewrecker: Interview with Actress and Writer Precious Chong

“Homewrecker” is a new movie by actress and screenwriter Precious Chong who is the daughter of famed comic Tommy Chong, of “Cheech & Chong” fame.

“Homewrecker” is a new movie by actress and screenwriter Precious Chong who is the daughter of famed comic Tommy Chong, of “Cheech & Chong” fame. Precious hopes the lockdown results in a spike in views for ‘’Homewrecker’’ which is premiering on DVD and Digital instead of theaters.

Precious recently discussed the film and more via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How are you holding up through this rather worrying and unpredictable year?

Precious Chong (PC): I’m doing okay. I’m getting some writing done. Taking ballet via Zoom. Not cleaning my house. It’s been nice to go on walks with my son who’s 15 and probably wouldn’t be hanging out with me this much if not for quarantine.

MM: Have you caught up on some movies over the past months? Do you have any recommendations for the readers?

PC: I just watched Bruce Robinson on YouTube do a commentary of his movie” Withnail” which I recommend if you love that movie which I do. Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4rZDnRXIkg.

I’ve also been watching a lot of “Drag Race” and Trixie Mattel’s YouTube channel and listening to podcasts. “You’re Wrong About,” is one I just discovered. And I’m really into “You Must Remember This about Polly Platt.” I watched a documentary on Miles Davis which made me discover his wife Frances Taylor Davis who was in the original Broadway cast of West Side Story and on her Wikipedia page talks about how she got into a fight with her good friend Eartha Kitt at the Hollywood Roosevelt. Someone please make a movie about Frances Taylor Davis.

MM: It would seem, with all films now on an even playing field because of theatre closures and the lack of huge studio releases doing the rounds, that it’s the perfect time to release a wonderful new indie like “Homewrecker”. Do you agree?

PC: I hope so. I was just thinking that. Maybe this is the best-case scenario for our movie? The response so far has been so delightful for us.

MM: There’s talk of it playing in theaters still. How wonderful that would be for you!

PC: I would love that. I mean it is really fun watching it with a late-night audience. My dream would be to tour the movie around North America at drive ins.

MM: It snared some amazing reviews on the festival circuit. How helpful were they to getting a distributor?

PC: I think it helped put us on people’s radar. We really were the underdog, because we made it for so little and with not very much expectation. Obviously, Alex has a genre following and her snagging Dr. Sleep just after we shot Homewrecker was serendipitous.

MM: What was the main motivation for writing the screenplay?

PC: Basically, my goal that year was to make a full-length feature somehow and Zach had this idea of a two hander and Alex and I had wanted to find something to work on together. I was planning on renovating my kitchen so we had a free location for the main bulk of the movie. My boyfriend went on vacation for two weeks so we had a firm window. It was a combination of practical logistics and writing something that we could have a lot of fun shooting.

MM: Did you always intend on starring in the film too?

PC: Ha! Yes. Zach and I had collaborated on other things in the past. A sketch web series I did called “Sex and the Single Parent” and he also edited a short film I wrote called “Chinatown.” He’s a really good editor. We have a similar sense of humor I think and even though he’s younger than me his pop culture references are very similar to me.

MM: What films or writers influenced the script?

PC: I think Zach would be better at answering this. But someone referred to it as a horror movie with the energy of a Jane Fonda workout and that was kind of what we wanted to do. I love Whatever Happened to Baby Jane and Bette Davis’s performance was so ballsy. She just went there.

MM: You came from a wonderfully talented showbiz family. Have they had a chance to see the film yet and, if so, what was their reaction?

PC: Yes! My mom and dad flew to Montreal to see it when we screened at Fantasia Festival. It was our very first screening with an audience. It meant the world to me to have my parents there. Before that, my mom saw an early cut of the movie (well parts of it because she doesn’t like scary movies!) and came on as a producer, because she had a good feeling about it. That helped us a lot. My dad was in “Color Out of Space” and that screened the same night as “Homewrecker” did at Fantastic Fest, which was a fun coincidence.