House Monsters: Interview with President and CEO Didier Pietri

House Monsters
House Monsters is a new line of plush that has grabbed the attention of everyone from young kids who enjoy imaginative play, to teens and adults who collect only the trendiest plush.

House Monsters is a new line of plush that has grabbed the attention of everyone from young kids who enjoy imaginative play, to teens and adults who collect only the trendiest plush! The line currently features six colorful, unique, and cute creatures. They include:

  • Munchy: Munchy enjoys cooking his monster friends deliciously disturbing concoctions and giving big hugs. He is a good listener, as long as he’s not hungry!
  • Dizzy: Dizzy is a sock-eating monster that lives in the dryer and loves nothing more than to tumble around! He goes into crazy mode during a dryer cycle.
  • Drowsy: Drowsy lives under a bed and is always ready for a nap. He can be a little lazy. Even when he does get up, he’ll often fall asleep mid-sentence!
  • Sudsy: Sudsy is an anxious neat-freak who lives in the dishwasher and eats messes left on dishes. She’s always cleaning up the monster messes her friends make.
  • Bumpy: Bumpy lives in the attic and eats moth balls from the air vents. He’s the recluse of the bunch who can be rather sassy if he’s convinced to participate.
  • Fluffy: Fluffy is a chatty fashionista who is always up-to-date on the latest styles. It’s hard to get a word in edgewise when she’s excited about something.

This whimsical toy line even comes with boxes that are befitting of the specific character which they encase. Didier Pietri, the President and CEO of Strottman International, recently discussed the House Monsters via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): What was the inspiration behind House Monsters?

Didier Pietri (DP): House Monsters are loosely based on my dogs. Whenever I come back home, I never find things exactly the way it was when I left them. Pillows have been moved, backpacks have been ransacked, food is often missing. I blamed my poor dogs but they finally convinced me that, in reality, it was a mysterious House Monster all along!

MM: Do you identify with one House Monster yourself?

DP: While it is hard to choose just one, I identify the most with Munchy because I love to eat too! I am often the one at home who ends up eating the last piece of chocolate cake.

MM: How much are they?

DP: $16.99 each

MM: Tell me more about the boxes they come in?

DP: Each House Monster comes in its own unique box that depicts where it lives and hides in your house. For example, and not surprisingly, Munchy hides in the fridge. So, we’ve made each box a fun reveal of the House Monsters’ habitat with beautiful color illustrations designed for play and display.

MM: Where can consumers purchase them?

DP: On Amazon, and

MM: What make House Monsters unique compared to other plush characters?

DP: The House Monsters are unique in many ways. First, they are monsters that are also cute and cuddly. Second, each House Monster comes with its own habitat that they have adapted to — giving each a different look, color and texture. For example, Munchy has thick fur because he lives in a cold fridge, and Sudsy is shaped like an octopus so she can clean all the dishes in the dishwasher. And last but not least, they are a pack of friends that look out for each other. Especially when they must quickly hide from a “human” monster!

MM: Will there be more than 6 in the future?

DP: Yes, we talked to the House Monsters, and they have more friends hiding around the house that they want to introduce us to. Stay tuned!

MM: Can you tell us more about the YouTube episodes?

DP: The House Monsters like to have fun and do the things we like to do – like throw birthday parties for each other. But they do this when nobody else is home. As you can imagine, there are many situations where the House Monsters are almost found by their human family, the Johnsons. The first two episodes on the House Monsters YouTube channel show us how they have fun together without getting caught! Keep track of what the House Monsters are up to on Instagram and Facebook.

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