iCleanse: Interview with CEO Christopher Allen

iCleanse is a company that is leading the production of chemical free disinfection that uses a patented UV-C technology.

iCleanse is a company that is leading the production of chemical free disinfection. CEO Christopher Allen is particularly proud of their patented UV-C Technology. An expert on trends in pathogen disinfection, Christopher Allen is happy to announce that iCleanse kills pathogens similar to COVID-19 and other pathogens in as little as 60 seconds.

Christopher Allen is a serial entrepreneur who acquired iCleanse in 2020. Primarily known as the founder of iDevices back in 2009, he invented the iGrill. Christopher recently discussed his career via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you get into inventing and why are home projects of such interest to you?

Christopher Allen (CA): I have always been an idea man, with practicality at the forefront of those ideas. My thought process is always centered around how we can improve on the way things are done traditionally. I started my first company, iDevices, with the invention of the iGrill, a Bluetooth-enabled meat thermometer that gives users temperature updates through an accompanying app. After that, the company pivoted into smart home devices that allow residents to control home accessories like lights and thermostats via phone or voice commands. I look at things that haven’t changed in a long time—too long, in my opinion—and improve on them.

MM: When did you first realize that you wanted to get into the disinfectant industry?

CA: I sat on the board of ReadyDock (the company that founded the iCleanse product line) for many years, and in 2017 became an investor in the company. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I saw an opportunity to help a still-struggling business grow and help more businesses and improve on current disinfection technology. My goal is to bring iCleanse UV-C products to the forefront of this industry so everyday people can take advantage of the game-changing benefits they provide.

MM: What makes your disinfectant product line so special?

CA: Our products aren’t like traditional disinfectants. Thanks to our UV-C light technology, there are no chemicals involved, and our products are much quicker and more effective. Traditional disinfectants don’t account for human error. Our products are lab-tested by a third party. They kill 99.9% of infectious pathogens in as little as 15 seconds—every time, again and again. There’s no missing a spot while rushing, not using enough of a chemical to be effective, or taking the chance that a chemical has been applied long enough to eradicate germs. We give peace of mind to hospitals, businesses, schools, and anyone else that uses our products that their devices are clean and safe.

Our entire product line is designed with the environment in mind. The Swift family of products are made from steel compared to the hard plastics many of our competitors use. And using ultraviolet light creates virtually no waste compared to traditional disinfectants like sprays and wipes. We also offer a lamp recycle program to ensure that used UV-C lamps are properly recycled and don’t go to a landfill.

MM: How are UV lights helpful in the fight against germs?

CA: UV-C lights disinfect the same way, every time. They’re reliable and remove human error, which is where traditional disinfectants falter. Our products ensure that the mobile devices we use daily are disinfected in the most effective and efficient way possible. In addition, they are a green option for companies and hospitals as they have no bi-product that goes into the trash.

MM: How have you fared during Covid?

CA: UV-C disinfection has been around for years—ReadyDock came to fruition almost 10 years ago. There has always been a need to disinfect, and the pandemic has only made that more apparent. Since the pandemic started, we have seen stronger adoption of UV-C products as more businesses realize the benefits of including our products throughout their facilities, making them readily accessible to employees and guests.

MM: What sort of feedback have you gotten about this project?

CA: There’s a lot of excitement and interest around our newest product, the Swift UV. This game-changing product disinfects any standard smartphone in just 15 seconds, making it the quickest and most effective on the market. You’ll see this on-the-fly solution in hospitals, airports, schools, warehouses, retail stores, restaurants, and more as we near production. The option to display video content is also great for businesses that want to promote their latest offerings or communicate with customers in one of the most effective ways possible. When you have someone’s phone, you typically have their undivided attention, and we are excited about the adoption of our advertising model with Swift UV.

MM: How do you see this product evolving as Covid phases out?

CA: Since the pandemic, there’s heightened awareness surrounding cleanliness. Even as the country is being vaccinated, there are still other infectious threats such as the common cold, influenza, and MRSA that our products can kill. It’s also important to note that the situation around Covid-19 is constantly changing, and more dangerous variants are spreading. Our products will continue to be valuable disinfection tools during this pandemic and beyond.

MM: What’s the best advice you can offer to people who are planning to become inventors?

CA: The only thing holding you back is your imagination. Think outside the box, and don’t let naysayers and critics deter you. It’s cliché but accurate to say there are no bad ideas. As I noted earlier, a great way to approach being an inventor is to look at everyday items that haven’t changed in a long time and put a new spin on them that makes them even more advantageous.


To learn more, visit the official website: www.icleanse.com.