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Incredible Inventions
Incredible Inventions is a company and inventors-community organization that helps inventors make, market, and sell their creations through major retails across the globe.

Incredible Inventions is a company and inventors-community organization that helps inventors make, market, and sell their creations through major retails across the globe. Incredible Inventions brings new ideas to life from the minds of inventors located all over the world. The team at Incredible Inventions carefully reviews every submission and selects the ones that are the most interesting, innovative, and/or serve as a practical solution to an everyday problem.

Anand Dhirmalani is both the founder of Incredible Inventions and the President and CEO of Intersell, a company that was launched in 2007 to sell an array of products across markets. Intersell primary focuses on wellness, household appliances, and toys and games…the precise markets that Incredible Inventions most seeks innovative products to introduce into.

Anand is both an inventor and an attorney which has helped him gain a deep and keen insight into which products will do well on the market as well as the needs of inventors, many of whom are new to the process. Having a 12-year-old daughter and grand total of thirteen nieces and nephews, Anand was very impressed by their creative ideas. One nephew, Ashton, directly inspired the launch of the Incredible Inventions platform after his invention of the Ambidextrous Sports Glove enjoyed massive success—even going so far as to sell in Walmart.

Incredible Inventions“Ashton got a $10,000 royalty and we donated $2,000 to Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital,” Anand explained in a recent exclusive interview. “It gave me such a good feeling to see the product in the stores, and Ashton with his royalty, and the charity with their proceeds, that I really wanted to repeat the process. That’s how Incredible Inventions was established.”

Incredible Inventions actively welcomes inventors of all ages and backgrounds to submit ideas for review. They have established a solid community of inventors who can offer support and feedback on potential items. While not every idea will be accepted for production, a select items will be developed and marketed by Incredible Inventions with absolutely no cost to the inventor. In fact, the inventor will receive a royalty based on the sales of the finalized item.

“The size of the royalty depends on the kind of invention and how evolved the idea was in when we got it,” Anand explained. “We have accepted products based solely on concepts, but it’s easier if there is a prototype or even a fully developed item that just needs to be marketed. Having a patent also makes things easier for us but, if the idea is good, we can work with it.”

The key to having an invention accepted for production lies in its uniqueness (without falling into the niche category), its mass appeal, its commercial viability, its ability to solve a problem and/or fill a void in the market, and a reasonable price point. In the case of toys and games, the item also needs to be fun and demonstrative. KickerBall, the most successful of Incredible Inventions products, is a perfect example of a product that encompasses these elements. Ironically, although toys and games are Anand’s favorite items to develop and market, they can also be the most challenging.

Incredible Inventions“Toys can be difficult to market because they mostly sell in the last three months of the year and they tend to be at a lower price point than appliances or wellness products,” Anand explained. “For these reasons, we like to focus on items that have a higher price point such as exercise equipment. We have an ab workout machine that has been a big seller for the past three years even though it costs substantially more than a toy.”

That said, Incredible Inventions has no intention of stopping their production of toys any time soon. Presently, their catalogue includes approximately one-hundred inventions and KickerBall is one of their  top-selling items (followed closely by INSTABRIGHT color-changing LED light set) which is currently available Walmart. Currently, certain Incredible Inventions items can be purchased at Wal Mart, Dollar General, CVS, Amazon, Scheels, and more.

“I have experience selling items internationally,” Anand said, “but the American market is particularly difficult to break into given its size. It is also extremely costly to advertise in the USA and make products famous. It’s important to use every platform available, from television to TikTok. We had over 500 million views on the Kickerball video on YouTube and I think that is one of the reasons that Walmart decided to carry it in house.”

Being media-savvy is essential to running successful businesses and Anand has worked hard to ensure that his company is flexible in both the kinds of products that they offer and the ways in which they advertise their creations to mass markets. This has resulted in Incredible Inventions establishing relationships with big box stores, especially in the outdoor play arena.

“Once we got our foot in the door with KickerBall we established ourselves with the buyers for the big stores,” Anand stated. “That has helped us find more and more places to sell our items. Right now, CVS is actually one of the biggest retailers of the toys that we produce.”

Incredible InventionsAt present, Anand is anticipating the July 1st launch of “Wishamals” which is a new toy line. Marketed towards girls, the tiny translucent collectibles are figurines that illuminate and come in with an adorable “wishing lantern” that can double as a nightlight. Kids place their characters in their lanterns, make a wish and send it to Wishlandia for it to come true. Wishamals include thirty-two fantastical characters and were developed by a virtual team of dedicated designers from all over the world.

Over the next five years, Anand plans to grow the company’s catalogue and its community of inventors. “If we can keep bringing incredible new inventions to the market then we will still be fulfilling the purpose of the company,” Anand said. “That is really the goal for the future, to keep going, keep inventing, and keep celebrating creative concepts.”

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