Industry Makers in Huntington Announces Online Art Auction and Performances

Industry Makers
Industry Makers in Huntington is a hub of creativity on Huntington’s Main Street celebrating visual art, music, poetry, and community.

Industry Makers in Huntington is a labyrinth of wonder, a Mecca of creativity on Huntington’s Main Street celebrating visual art, music, poetry, and community. Part gallery, and part antique store, part music venue, Industry Makers hosts poetry slams and art classes as well as live musical performances. Unfortunately, the venue is currently experiencing hard times due to the onset of COVID-19.

On March 14, New York State implemented a lockdown that closed all but the most essential businesses.

“We have monthly operating expenses, and we also have loans to pay off,” Mano, who curates the business explained. “We decided to launch this auction to help raise funds for our space and our artists. It will be conducted entirely online so everyone is staying safe and not violating the emergency health codes.”

On Thursday, May 7, from 7:30pm to approximately 10pm, Industry Makers will hold a live virtual event via Instagram featuring musicians and artists sharing their works with the public from the safety of their own homes. The auction will be tied to this gathering of caring and creative minds and will include work from various artists (more than seventy are currently associated with Industry Makers) in an array of styles. Proceeds will go to the artists and Industry.

“I see this as an opportunity for community members to help each other,” Mano stated. “The fastest way for local economies to get back on their feet is to have people spend money locally to support small businesses like ours. In the long run, that kind of community support is much more helpful and effective than relying solely on the state. “

Industry has faced unique challenges with his business. Industry has largely fallen through the cracks when it comes to attaining federal aid. Many small businesses around Huntington—and on Long Island in general—are facing similar challenges and are turning to crowdsourcing websites. Industry recently started a GoFundMe to help raise awareness of their plight. Industry’s musicians and artists put together the live event to do something unique and different to raise funds, hence the auction concept came to be.

“I’ve seen crowdsourcing be very effective but given that we are an art gallery I think an auction will interest our typical patrons more,” Mano declared. “I’m hoping that this is a virtual event that will be beneficial to artists, buyers, and our guild.”

The May 7th livestream is free to join and can be accessed via an event link that has been posted the organization’s Facebook page. To learn more, visit the official website of Industry Makers and check out their Facebook page. Their GoFundMe can be found here.