Inspiration and EDM: Interview with Musical Artist Alex Moye


Alex Moye is a Florida-based producer of EDM, House, and Dance music who just released his first self-titled EP this year and is about to drop a new single, an instrumental track entitled “Inspiration,” which will soon be followed by “I Wanna Dance” to be released this October.

Alex recently discussed his foray into musical artistry via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you discover your love for music and what is it about dance music that so appeals to you?

Alex Moye (AM): I’ve grown up in a musically inclined household. My dad is a musician and played in bands back in the ’70s – long hair, bell bottoms and all. My older half-brother is an excellent guitarist, and he’s been involved in the music industry pretty much his entire life. I just naturally grew up in a very musically influenced environment. I’ve always had a pretty wide taste in music, even played in a few alternative rock bands in my high school and college days, but for me, dance music was always more about the energy and the atmosphere than anything else. I love that a good dance song can bring two strangers together to have an unforgettable night together.

MM: What inspired you to become a producer and how did you establish yourself in the business?

AM: I really started falling hard for the dance/electronic music scene after I started heavily listening to Avicii a few years ago. I produced a bit of music in college, but after I watched his documentary, “Avicii: True Stories,” I was so moved by his story that I decided to get back into music production and take it as seriously as I can to try to create something similar to what he’s been able to do throughout his career. As far as establishing myself in the industry, all I can do is consistently put out good music and hope that it resonates with the people who listen to it. Especially with the current condition of the world, playing shows is pretty much off the table for now, so I’ve been using this time to make as much music as I possibly can. I have a management team who’s been very helpful with getting my music out there, and I’m hoping that I can cultivate enough of a following over the next few months so that once we’re able to open the entertainment industry back up we can start putting on some great shows for people to come out to!

MM: What provoked you to start making your own music and what has the response been like so far?

AM: It actually began as an item on my bucket list that I wanted to check off. Dating back to 2016, I kept telling myself that I was going to write and produce one full song, but by the time I finally found the inspiration to jump into music production, and then teach myself everything I need to know to make that one song, I ended up enjoying the process so much that I just ended up sticking with it to make a pile of maybe 50 or 60 different song demos and ideas to play with.

I have a few tracks that have been doing really well, getting picked up for playlists and things. “Love Me Better” seems to be the general favorite, but the songs I’ve released are already so diverse that each release seems to attract a different crowd from the song before. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that one of these releases will make enough of an impact that it’ll open doors for me to really pursue this as a full-time career.

MM: What inspired “Inspiration”?

AM: So “Inspiration” actually came about after I had installed a new piece of software for my computer that generates unique chords to use in songs. I was just playing around and came up with a chord progression that I really liked, and it gave me this feeling of optimism throughout the track. Even the title for the song was originally just a placeholder; I’ll usually give my new projects silly names until I decide later what the song will actually be about, but this title ended up fitting the overall feeling of the song so well that it ended up sticking. By the time I was getting close to finishing the song, I had this nostalgic feeling of true friendship, so I ended up dedicating the song to my dog Clyde.

MM: You are releasing a new song in October, so what inspired it and how different is it from “Inspiration”?

AM: For me, “Inspiration” has this playful and lighthearted feeling. I wanted to make a song that was specifically tailored for the dance floor, and this new song, “I Wanna Dance,” definitely has some darker tones to it. I was going through recordings I had on my computer, and I came across the guitar riff that’s used in the beginning part of the song. As soon as I heard the riff, the lyrics and the melody for the entire song just came to me, and I just ran with it until I had something that was more or less a complete song. I spent the next few days leaving the song and coming back to it until I had something that I was really happy with. This is probably my favorite song I’ve work on so far.

MM: How has Covid affected your career and life?

AM: I’m so early on in my music career that I wouldn’t say it’s affected me all too much at this point. I’ve really been spending all of my time focusing on making as much music as possible, so hopefully when I’m ready to start playing shows, the world will be in a healthier state and we can get back to our late nights out on the town.

Aside from music, COVID pretty much obliterated my dating life for a little bit there! Happy to see that at least in my city, some places have opened back up and we can have somewhat of a social life again because I was starting to lose my mind there for a bit.

MM: What projects are coming up for you soon and is there anything else that you would like to talk about?

AM: At the moment I have about 15-20 demos for songs that I want to finish, and maybe 20-30 more ideas collecting on my computer. So, I have plenty of material to work with that will keep me busy for a good while now. At the moment I’m finishing up three different collaborations, one of them being a Brazilian-Reggaeton track that I’m looking forward to completing. I’m hoping to have these songs done by the holidays so I can start getting them out there in early 2021. I’d say just stay tuned over the next few months to see what tracks I end up coming out with! I have a lot of new songs that I’m really excited to finish up and share with the world.

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To learn more about Alex, visit his official website.