Interview with Shaman Nicola Fernandes

Nicola Fernandes
Award-winning Shaman, Nicola Fernandes is skilled at life coaching sessions focusing on true spiritual connection, joy and confidence.

Award-winning Shaman, Nicola Fernandes is skilled at life coaching sessions focusing on true spiritual connection, joy and confidence. Nicola helps heal the heart and awakens the healer within. Her wisdom as a Master Shaman, Certified Transformational Coach, Master Practitioner for NLP as well as Angel Healing & Hypnosis Expert guides this transformation.

Nicola recently discussed her practice and more via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you discover your passion for wellness and how did you break into the holistic industry?

Nicola Fernandes (NF): This is a really good question. So, my passion for wellness came really from the guidance of Spirit, from universal wisdom, in the form of my middle daughter being diagnosed with autism. Before her diagnosis I was very career driven. I studied business. I had a great job in Finance overlooking Time Square from the forty-third floor. And suddenly I had a daughter with autism, to which the doctors said they didn’t know where it came from and they didn’t know what to do about it. Being very driven, wanting the best for my daughter, I stopped working and learned everything I could, from alternative therapy to alternative healing to energetic healing as well as how to influence your mindset, to help Luisa. And for me, still to this day, the craziest thing happened every time I came home from one of my seminars: Every time I came back home Luisa was better. I knew there was something and I wanted to find out more and dig deeper. Over the years as she got better and better, I was sitting with why this was in my life. I realized it was in my life, and she was in my life, so I could look at the world in a different way as well as so that I could help others look at the world in a different way. And that passion of digging deeper has since grown more and more, helping people wherever I can to connect to themselves and live a life they love. And to your question about how I broke into the holistic industry: In energy healing we learn to energetically and physically place a sign that we are available to work with clients. So, as we do that word of mouth goes around. Obviously in the beginning, I would also offer free sessions,  would invite clients to give me reviews, refer me if they knew someone who would benefit my my support, and more and more, it became a thriving business. And it was supposed to happen. It’s something that is my purpose, that I’m here for and therefore, the universe opens it up and people come and continue to come more and more, because they know, they energetically know, that I can support them and help them get to where they want to be.

MM: What kind of education and training have you received and consider most valuable?

NF: You know funny enough you would think as a coach and as an energy healer, the seminars I attended are most valuable. Yet I see it as a whole composition, like a symphony orchestra that the universe put together for me, so that I am in that place that I’m in now. Now I coach and work with a lot of leaders and CEOs, including the CEOs of families: Moms. And so funny enough my education in business administration as well as my work in the Finance department of a record company were and are so valuable to this day. I know how a company is run, I know how people look at the CEO. I know what’s expected above and beyond, like all the energy that is needed and how to shift to a heart-led business approach. I also know about business itself. Additionally I did an education in a Pilates related exercise method and I gave exercise classes for a while. So, in the health and fitness area, I’m also very knowledgeable. Everything, including all the knowledge through raising my kids and parenting was and is a stepping stone. It’s kind of like a conductor of a symphony orchestra. They have probably played several instruments before conducting a whole orchestra and all of them, knowing them intrinsically, made them a great conductor. So in my case, I use my Shaman wisdom, my Neuro Linguistic Programming and many higher vibrational healing and clearing methods. All of what I learned in my life comes in and, in the moment when I am with a client or teach and guide my groups, I intuitively know what I have to say or do and what’s most valuable in that moment to my clients based on all that I learned and experienced before. So, it’s a lot about trusting the journey. What if everything we once learned will be valuable in the future? What if the universe truly has a plan to make us the most magnificent conductor for our mission in life?

MM: What do you think more people should do to take care of themselves?

NF: You know what I think is that for people to take care of themselves, it’s not very helpful to only have a list of ‘I need to do this and this and this and this’. In the beginning it might be helpful, but not in the long run. As a Shaman we start with the energetics, because we say everything physical, everything we do, comes from the energy of our emotions and our thoughts. So we want to be in an energy that helps us and trust that that energy trickles down into a thinking and feeling of what we do want and who we do want to be. So, the most important thing to take care of yourself, is to think about what you do want, be vigilant of what you focus your thoughts and attention on. Even when you talk about other people you want to talk about the good things in them, something that makes you feel good to talk about. So knowing that anything you think creates a thought bubble, like a being, next to you. And what kind of beings do you want to have next to you? Being on top of your thoughts and your feelings, who do you want to be? And then everything else about taking care of you happens automatically. Because when you think good about yourself, about the food you eat, about the actions you take, then it is good, because that’s what you focus on. And you will automatically treat yourself better, because you’re all-around thinking and calling in the good. So it starts with that thinking and feeling and then everything falls into place. That’s how you take care of yourself.

MM: Why did you decide to become a shaman and what does that entail?

NF: Why did I decide to become a shaman? So initially when I was looking for help for Luisa, I went more and more into alternative energy healing methods. And I saw an astrologer that suggested that I would benefit from studying shamanism. And so out of many other seminars I also studied Shamanism and I really liked it. I love to go to Peru. I love to do ceremonies. I’m actually going to Peru in two weeks doing ceremonies in the Sacred Valley and hiking and camping on Patchetusan, one of the high mountains in the Andes. So, I love it. It really resonated with me and I listened to my heart. What does shamanism entail? It’s exactly that, it’s a lot of ceremony. It’s a lot of getting into the mythical to get out of your own way. And you work with Mother Earth and with the elements of nature. We use fire for the most rapid transformation. Besides ceremonies, we go on journeys to transform and rewrite the past and the future. It’s a beautiful practice that I combine with Neuro-Linguistic-Programming to also work on the mindset. I created my own Wholeness Mastery Method that combines a lot of different modalities, as I was guided to support my clients in a more direct way of healing. I learned to focus and get my clients the best and fastest transformation that is possible for them.

MM: How are you seeing the wellness-conscious space evolve as the years go by?

NF: Another really good question. I think people are going to become so much more aware that many drugs suppress the message the body wants to give them. And as drugs may try to suppress it, the body makes the message stronger. So the best is really to connect to your body and hear the message, to look deeper why there is, for example, the feeling of anxiety. I’m not saying drugs are outdated, but many things could be treated or lessened by changing our thoughts, by dropping from the mind into the heart, or various other non-drug related tools. This space will get so much more into the alternative healing, into the clarity, into easier methods, into freeing ourselves. It will be amazing as people become more aware, embody more their feelings, and live more from their heart. It will just be the most beautiful thing in my opinion. People will learn about their own power and open up to possibilities in a whole new way.

MM: What are your favorite things about working in this industry?

NF: My favorite thing is how people grow, how they suddenly see that there’s total freedom and that they themselves have been the ones holding themselves back. And I love that beauty when they step into their power and release all the chains, all the walls, all the barriers and start their path of fulfillment in life. Now they can live the life they want, become who they want to be and understand that it starts with their heart, their thinking and that anything can be available. It’s just this explosion, and afterwards life continues to become better and better, it’s mesmerizing. It’s like creating miracles daily. It’s the most wonderful thing. I love it and I love my clients. I still look forward to every single session with them. I’m very blessed that I have the best clients ever so what better could there be?! I love my life. I love my daily work, I love the groups and courses I lead and it’s all a blessing. And the autism of my daughter, as hard as it was, is also a blessing. So that’s the other thing. What I really love in this industry is for people to see that everything that they thought was a challenge is in the end such a learning, it’s such a blessing. We can see it all in a different light. It’s just beautiful.

MM: Where do you hope your career will be in ten years?

NF: Where do I hope my career will be in 10 years? I see myself as the world’s most impactful Self-Love coach making a huge difference in people’s lives. My goal is that people know how much Self-Love can help them and that they know Self-Love with Nicola is a possibility that really gives them easy-to-follow steps to Self-Love and totally changes their life for the better, to a whole new level. And I see that Self-Love with Nicola is a household name that everybody talks about. Everybody that can benefit from my courses based on my Wholeness Mastery Method loves them. It’s such an approachable way to Self-Worth and creating the life you want. It’s so accessible for people and their life is so much better immersing in Self-Love. That’s where I want to be in 10 years. And with that I will be known in at least 70 countries and millions of people accessing Self-Love, finding what’s hidden in themselves and bringing it out through Self-Love with Nicola. That’s my expectation, my goal for my career.

MM: What are your ultimate goals for the future and is there anything else that you would like to mention?

NF: My ultimate goal for the future is to make the steps to Self-Love super accessible, to offer retreats for Self-Love, to offer the newest courses following my inner guidance, to keep offering 1:1 programs and to offer intensives. So wherever you are, there is the right mix for you to learn, practice and integrate Self-Love through Self-Love with Nicola. And for people to experience what I myself realized about Self-Love: When that is your focus, then everything else in your life falls into place. You become abundant, you have great relationships with your partner, your kids, with your loved ones. You find your self-expression, you are healthy, because that love in you heals your body and clears your mind, and it continues by expand. Others get pulled in by your new energy, because there is so much love emanating from you, that Self-Love multiplies and every one can feel it. So that is my ultimate goal for the future, really making people aware of the Magic of Self-Love. And it is so easy and yet it requires mastery, because you have to keep on practicing. You have to stick with it.

Finally, I’d like to mention, enrollment is open right now for my signature program Joyful You 2.0. Join us for five months and learn and practice my Wholeness Mastery Method and truly live the life of your dreams through Self-Love, Self-Worth & Success. It’s a live recorded course for self-study that has 18 weekly trainings and additionally 5 brand new monthly live coaching sessions with me, where you can ask questions and I share my newest insights and downloads. It is such a comprehensive course, after those 5 months you are going to be in such a higher vibration and feel so much better about yourself. I highly, highly recommend this course. Get in there as long as it is available.

If you want to have a sneak peek, get my journey to the future. If you ever thought ‘how can I be more confident, how can I love myself, how can I have joy in life?’ this is it. This is such a great opportunity. I invite you to get this taste of Joyful You 2.0 and experience that place of totally falling in love with your own life and yourself to create the most miraculous life that there is for you! That is my wish for you! Many blessings.

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