Into the Art: Interview with Exhibition Director Kalin Monet Brown

Into the Art
“Into the Art” is an exhibition of both visual and performing art that is taking place this November at The Greenpoint Gallery space in Brooklyn, New York.

“Into the Art” is an exhibition of both visual and performing art that is taking place this November at The Greenpoint Gallery space in Brooklyn, New York. The show is being directed by artist Kalin Monet Brown, who is also known by K. Monet, who has a background in architecture and interior design.

Kalin has been interested in the arts from early childhood and loves experimenting with mediums. Having grown up in the suburbs, nature heavily influences her work. Kalin perceived “Into The Art” as a fully immersive exhibition that creates an atmosphere of

Into the Art
Into the Art will feature art in various forms.

serenity and meditation for all ages. The show, which focuses on positivity, will feature artists of various disciplines and from all different locations.

The exhibition will create memorable moments that allow visitors to interact with all forms of the arts including performing arts. On Saturday, November 16, one of the featured shows will be a family-friendly comedic one-act play titled “The Values of Gold, Silver, and Bronze”—which features actresses in full costume assuming the roles of bickering statues.

The exhibition is intended to give artists of the show, not only an opportunity to display their skills but to gain more exposure and encourage visitors to increase their interest in

Into the Art
The show features work in a range of styles and mediums.

the arts. Audience’s senses of smell, touch, sight and sound will be manipulated to bring the interactive and hanging artwork alive.

Kalin recently granted an exclusive interview where she discussed this show and more.

Meagan Meehan (MM): When did you first discover your love for art and how would you

describe your style and mediums of choice?

Kalin Monet Brown (KMB): I was the only child for 10 years and within that time I found a lot of comfort in creating. I would do fun little projects with my grandmother such as making paper-mache bowls that we painted or as I got older learning how to sow with my mom. The crafts that I did with my family kept me occupied for hours on end until I was done and eventually said (according to my mom) my favorite word, “I’m bored.” Eventually I started to exploring on my own and playing with different mediums but things really took

Into the Art
The show will take place in Brooklyn which is a hot-spot for emerging artists.

off when I started watching anime. I loved drawing the characters from the TV and still have the book of those drawings till this day. My work now holds all these memories of my past and present time from using different materials with family members for crafts to the evolved illustration stylize of my artwork mixed with my educational background in architecture and design.

Into the Art
Fans of abstract art will find much to love about this exhibition.

MM: How did you get into directing and how many shows have you directed so far?

KMB: This is actually the first exhibition I’m directing. It has been a stressful journey but also very fulfilling to finally put together something I’ve been dreaming of doing for years. After my studies and working in the field of architecture for some time I missed the creative process. That is when I decide to pursue art as my career path and that is also around the time, I thought of the idea for this epic all-out art experience.

Into the Art
Sculptures will also be featured.

MM: What inspired you to create the “Into the Art” exhibition?

KMB: Into The Art was inspired by my desire to use my architecture and interior design education and turn it into something more artistic. I had always wanted to dive back into model building which was my favorite part of my studies while at NYIT. That is where I got the idea of taking artwork of mines to create the props that sit in the different spaces around the exhibition. Each space is designed to give a certain feeling to the viewer, which is why I factored in having multiple artist in the exhibition. Each artist has a different style, feel, and essence to their art weather it’s in the performing or visual arts, which I intend will enhance the feeling of each room allowing the audience to take-in the atmosphere more deeply. To take an extra minute to examine the texture or brush stroke of artwork, listen with their hearts to the music verse their ears, and to spark a closer connection to the arts.

MM: How did you find The Greenpoint Gallery space and why did you decide to rent it for this event?

Into the Art
Live music will be part of the show, too.

KMB: The Greenpoint Gallery hosts their own shows regularly and I was a participant of one of their “People’s Choice” exhibitions in 2018. When in the space, I thought it was the perfect size for what I had imagined, not to mention the location was pretty easy to get to. Speaking with the owner of the Gallery he was very friendly about offering to rent the venue to us for the exhibition and has been extremely helpful along the way. We have had a few obstacles in preparations and he has given suggestions and helped direct us through some of the process.

MM: This is an immersive experience for all ages, so what was it like to select all the artwork and get it prepared in the space?

KMB: The selection process was very fascinating to me since there are so many different styles of art and this exhibition host all types. Since it is an all age event there where a few pieces that had to be decline no matter how beautiful due to content but I tried my best to keep it neutral. As for the displaying of the artwork we are trying to organize each piece

Into the Art
Works range in size from large to small.

where the work displayed, performed, or sold coincide with the room that they are in. It is a bit tricky since everyone’s work is so different form one another but nonetheless fun to match the feel of the art to ascetic of the room while also giving everyone an equal appreciation for their art form.

MM: What can guests expect from your exhibition? For instance, what sort of art will be on display?

KMB: This is a tricky question since we have artwork that ranges from oil on canvas to color pencil on paper, and even photography to the performing arts where we have bands, singers, and a play. I’m sure that a guest of the exhibition will be surprised on all the different forms of art and uses different mediums, which is my intention for the exhibition. I want guest, who if not are already into the arts, to becoming more fascinated with the field.

MM: You’re also having live performances on the weekends. So, what kinds of acts will be performing?

Into the Art
On November 16th a short play about arguing statues titled “The Values of Gold, Silver, and Bronze” will be performed for the enjoyment of audiences of all ages.

KMB: On the opening and closing reception we have different bands and singers performing music of their choice. Since these days are reserved for guest who are 18 and older, I wanted to give artist an opportunity to express their art uncensored. Aside from the opening and closing reception we have a play on the 16th called “The Value of Bronze, Silver, & Gold”, which I think anyone would enjoy watching no matter what age. As a whole we have some interesting and very talented people performing these days ranging from Rock Jazz to Rap and you won’t want to miss them.

MM: What are your biggest goals for the future and what is coming up next for you?

KMB: As an artist myself, I am always apart of pop-up art shows, exhibitions, and fairs. At the moment I have one four-day art fair coming up in the new year and am planning out the first couple of months of 2020 for future art shows, which can be seen listed on my website ( I am considering doing another Into the Art in the future but from this experience I will need a much larger team to host something of this scale again. If the right people come around then maybe we can have another one in 2020 or even 2021. For the remainder of 2019, it will be dedicated to spending time with family, self-care, and just time to create more art.

Into the Art
This exhibition will give many artists a chance to establish themselves in the New York art scene.

MM: Is there anything else that you would like to mention?

KMB: I want to thank everyone who is visiting the exhibition, those who have assisted me and my teammate along the way on this project and especially the artists in the exhibition. It has been a dream of mines to coordinate a large-scale all-out art experience that can be enjoyed by anyone and it could not be complete without your help. I am truly grateful for this opportunity and to be able to share it with everyone as well.


“Into the Arts” will be held at The Greenpoint Gallery location (390 McGuinness Blvd., Brooklyn, NY) from November 15th to November 22nd.

Into the Art
“The Bejeweled & Bedazzled Collection” will be on display.