JumpStart Releases “Activity Studio” Program to Aid Teachers

“Activity Studio” is a new online system by JumpStart that aims to revolutionize education.

“Activity Studio” is a new online system by JumpStart that aims to revolutionize education. Activity Studio is free and is presently being used in the USA, Australia and Hong Kong with plans to expand soon. Activity Studio offers a library of activities in a range of subjects that can be customized to fit particular grade levels and/or specific student progress. There are built-in lesson plans, student growth reports (for online and in-person classrooms), and opportunities to play interactive games, including game-show team challenges.

JumpStart While there are some moderated public built-in content curated by established educators who work closely with JumpStart–or via the renowned education content publishers–teachers can also build personalized lesson plans based on their own curriculums.

Since its launch in 2020, Activity Studio has granted educators thousands of curated activities from trusted educational content publishers such as Pearson. This includes over 15,000 Pearson 6th – 12th grade Math and Science questions that are available for use in seconds. Activity Studio can also be paired with Google Classroom which makes it even easier to use.

JumpStartThere are thirteen games currently available on the platform which strongly resemble popular app games commonly played to pass the time. This melding of pop culture with educational content is intrinsically motivating and has incredible potential for future growth–the JumpStart team is already considering ways to implement this system into college settings, especially online ones.

Perhaps most astonishing is how much JumpStart achieved in such a short period of time. While they have been a leader in educational content for years, they only started developing Activity Studio two years ago. Far from being merely an interesting addition to existing educational content, the program is an entity into itself and one that has the capacity to dwarf any previous successes.

JumpStart“Activity Studio has potential to transform the way that content is consumed and learned within the digital learning environment not only for schools but for corporations as well,” said Shannon Gale, the Brand Manager at JumpStart. “Gamification is everywhere and it’s a great way for our brains to learn. I would love to see Activity Studio partner with additional educational publishers to ensure engagement from students as well as informed instruction for future learning with advanced reporting based on skills taught by such publishers.”

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