Juno My Baby Elephant: A Toy Marvel by Spin Master

“Juno My Baby Elephant” is a delightfully purple-hued, animatronic, toy that is one of the most truly astonishing playthings produced in recent memory.

“Juno My Baby Elephant” is a delightfully purple-hued, animatronic, toy that is one of the most truly astonishing playthings produced in recent memory. A creation of Spin Master, a company renowned for their tech-savvy, collectible, and unique toys and games—Juno was released to extreme success in 2019. Particularly beloved by little girls, the toy made waves across official media platforms as well as social channels. In fact, Spin Master made noteworthy efforts to create a #junomybabyelephant hashtag for the toy so parents could share photos of their children excitedly unwrapping Juno on special occasions like Christmas and birthdays.

While Spin Master’s brilliant and savvy use of social media certainly helped to raise awareness of Juno, it is the expertly designed toy and its many capabilities that truly turned it into a must-have item. So cute and lifelike that it is all but impossible to perceive as an “it” rather than a “she,” Juno’s robotic sensors enable her to respond to touches on her forehead, cheeks, back, trunk, and elsewhere. Programmed with more than 150 movements and sounds, Juno becomes increasingly interactive based on how much she is played (and cuddled) with. Best of all, unlike many robotic toys, Juno’s sounds and songs are akin to soft sweet coos. Hence, she is not jarring or annoying to listen to which is a big plus for parents.

Juno has won several toys for good reason–she is a remarkable toy.

Juno is designed to capture the “awww” factor of cuteness from the get-go. Equipped with a lavender body, a sky blue belly, magenta pink tuffs of hair, oversized baby blue flapping ears, an adorably tiny tale, and large shiny deep blue eyes make her color scheme akin to a creature from a Dr. Seuss book…and this works greatly in her advantage when it comes to grabbing attention (and heartstrings) and refusing to let go. Juno also makes an array of cheerful sounds, trumpets, and can occasionally produce her own dance party music. Dancing is one of Juno’s specialities as are interacting with her toy mouse and a peanut (both of which can be connected to her trunk via magnets).

Juno can be programmed to play peek-a-boo.

Although she operates via four AA batteries and has an on/off switch, Juno has a distinctively silly personality which makes her more akin to a pet than a plaything. Shy when initially activated, she must be lovingly cared for and played with to reach her full potentials, as can be said for most living creatures. Juno giggles like a human and can be taught tricks (like “trumpeting” and bowing) and plays games such as peek-a-boo. She can either munch on her peanut or throw it (leading to opportunities for a child to play fetch) and she is fond of cuddling and singing to her mouse while rocking it gently on her trunk. If a human picks Juno up and cuddles with her, she will respond to the touch with cheerful sounds and even provide kisses (and accompanying kissy sounds) with her trunk.

Juno is intended for children ages five and older and, based on the consumer feedback thus far, older kids—even preteen girls—will be extremely charmed by this toy. Hence, if you buy it for a young child, they will literally get years of fun and enjoyment from it. Once her batteries are secured, Juno can be played with right out of the box but, given her complex range of capabilities, it is best if an adult reads her instruction manual so a child can get the most out of playing with her. Juno retails for $59.99 and she is absolutely worth every penny. Nothing short of a marvel, this toy is a perfectly pastel addition to any little girl’s birthday party gift, Christmas present, or Easter basket.

To learn more about Juno, visit the official website of Spin Master.