Lauren Ross Design: Investing in Artwork

Lauren Ross Design
Lauren Ross Design is a company that helps fledgling art investors make good decisions.

Lauren Ross Design is a company that helps fledgling art investors make good decisions. The Lauren Ross Trade Program offers exclusive options to invest in contemporary prints and canvas wraps that can be thoughtfully and intelligently curated to fit the aesthetic of any space. Lauren Ross Design places art at the center of its approach and aims to fuse contemporary art with the worlds of fashion and luxury living. Every piece begins with one of Lauren’s own stunning paintings and is crafted with symbolism and esoteric meanings to decipher that can take time to unravel. Essentially, every piece tells a story.

Lauren Ross focuses her attention on art, fashion, beauty and home via her luxury lifestyle brand that is the destination for exquisite premier contemporary art and fashion. She recently discussed her art and career via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you initially get interested in the arts and how did you establish your style?

Lauren Ross Design

Lauren Ross (LR): I have been interested and passionate about the arts since I was a young girl. I grew up in a rural part of New Jersey, but my parents would frequently travel into New York City. I think the trips into the city and the ability to live in the countryside truly fueled my creativity growing up. My style has always been abstract. I think that photography can be an amazing medium to capture reality but I love using paintings to create what hasn’t been seen. When an artist creates an abstract painting, you’re designing something that has never been created before and will never be created again, it is a unique one-of-a-kind piece; I believe that is a rare gift.

MM: How did you establish your company and how have you promoted it?

LR: When forming Lauren Ross Design, I wanted to create a company in the luxury industry that I could not find as a consumer. I wanted to blend art and high-quality lifestyle products seamlessly together. Contemporary art is the soul of the company and the art is used as inspiration to design each and every product we sell. In terms of promotion, we use every platform we can to reach our audience, whether that be digital or more traditional routes. Consumers today are multi-faceted and it’s important to meet them where they are. With that said, the main focus of our promotional efforts are to inspire and emotionally connect with our audience through story telling.

MM: When and why did you decide to branch out into other forms of art and design such as fashion accessories?

LR: I view art and fashion as the same. Feeling excitement over a fashion show or a painting at a museum all conjure the same emotions, they are interchangeable. I studied fashion in New York City and Italy and then worked within the Saks Fifth Avenue corporate office in buying and planning for a decade. My background is deeply rooted in fashion. Incorporating luxury products into Lauren Ross Design was a natural part of the process and we will continue to expand into additional categories.

MM: Be honest, have you a favorite piece of work that you have created?

LR: That is a wonderful question. I would have to say yes and no but let me explain. On one hand no, because each piece that is created has a very unique story that can’t be compared to another piece. On the other hand yes, because what we are drawn to can be fluid based on the current times. For example, I created a painting called “Games” that is somewhat of a darker, moody piece. It was developed to highlight the games that are played in society, and that may not always be a ‘pretty picture’. So, at the moment given what is going on in the world I feel drawn to that piece.

Lauren Ross DesignMM: How did you get into investing in art?

LR: For myself and my family we believe in investing in real assets, art being one category. When evaluating a piece, we for the most part focus on two aspects. The first being, do we believe this artist or brand will have longevity, and second do we truly enjoy the art piece.

MM: Right now, all of the offerings are based on your own work. Might you branch out to work with other artists eventually?

LR: Absolutely, I think collaborations are an excellent idea, especially when there is asymmetry in the concept. Whether it be another artist, or another business in a different industry the important aspect is what is the end goal.

MM: If you were to seek other artists to work with and promote, what kind of styles would most interest you?

LR: That is a great question that requires more thought, as it’s not a simple answer. To be honest at the moment I would be very interested in partnering with industries outside of art and looking for what asymmetry can we find.

MM: What has been the highlight of your career as an artistic entrepreneur so far?

Lauren Ross DesignLR: As an entrepreneur there are many highlights that we experience, probably because we are on the battlefield every day. For me, the physical launch of the company was a monumental moment, as well as our first painting being sold years ago. It is a tremendous feeling when you realize you are creating products that are inspiring and changing someone’s life. I feel a deep sense of responsibility to our clients that they receive and experience the best from Lauren Ross Design. Everything we do is towards building our brand’s legacy.

MM: What events, projects, or exhibitions are coming up soon and is there anything else that you would like to discuss?

LR: We are actually expanding our lifestyle product categories going into the Fall season which I am incredibly excited for. There will be pop up events planned along with new art launches. And the biggest surprise yet is I am training and preparing for roles in the film industry. The team and I are very excited for the second half of 2022 and I know our clients will not be disappointed.

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