League of Legend Keepers Shadows: Interview with Actress Isabella Blake-Thomas

Isabella Blake-Thomas
Isabella Blake-Thomas is an UK-native who landed on the map a few years back when she was cast as young Zelena on the hit series “Once Upon A Time”.

Isabella Blake-Thomas is an UK-native who landed on the map a few years back when she was cast as young Zelena on the hit series “Once Upon A Time”. Since then, the actress, musician and producer has appeared in a diverse range of work including the fantasy drama “Kepler’s Dream”, cable hit “Shameless” and the acclaimed short “Uneven”. Thomas’s latest film, produced under their Mother and Daughter Entertainment label, was helmed by her mother Elizabeth Blake-Thomas.

Meagan Meehan (MM): Where in the UK are you from?

Isabella Blake-Thomas (IBT): I was born in London and lived there until I was ten.

MM: And your mother is a filmmaker. Any more family in the business?

IBT: Nope, just my Mom. She was a theater director before I became an actress then she supported me before we created Mother & Daughter Entertainment.

MM: Do you think it’s a given, since mom was a filmmaker, that you’d be an actor?

IBT: Not really, especially because she didn’t have any contacts or understanding of the industry. Theatre is a useful skill for anyone to have in any industry, being able to stand up and perform is useful not matter what job you have. Using those skills of hers, she wanted to make sure I was a confident speaker.

MM: What was your big break, you think?

IBT: Every experience is the “big break” because it teaches you more and helps expand your knowledge. Being a good actress is all about the experiences and people you meet along the way. Definitely being in Once Upon A Time made me a recognisable figure but my latest Disney film where I play a Disney Princess is my largest role to date. It’s true what they say that this will be my ten-year overnight success.

MM: In the US, I imagine appearing in such a big show like “Once Upon A Time” opened up a lot of doors for you?

Isabella Blake-Thomas
Isabella Blake-Thomas is a UK-born actress who makes films with her mother.

IBT: It definitely got me noticed but until you’ve won an Oscar, and even then, you still have to work for things and audition. Not everything gets handed to you. Don’t get me wrong, it helps to have big name things on your resume but in the end, it’s whether or not you’re right for the role.

MM: When did you and your mother form your production outfit?

IBT: A year ago officially and then we have been growing since then. We now have a team of 6 of us. It’s exciting developing the company with new voices and new perspectives.

MM: Whose idea was it to do tackle the family adventure movie (with “League of Legend Keepers: Shadows”)?

IBT: We both came up with the idea because one Halloween I had nothing to watch. There was nothing appropriate for my age so we decided to make something. I enjoy filling the market gap.

MM: There isn’t a lot of these movies for kids around are there?

IBT: Nope, that’s why this is so unique. Especially having a lead, young girl who kicks butt and saves the day. She doesn’t have magic powers either, she just has her confidence and friends.

MM: Are you the swashbuckling heroine of the film?

IBT: Definitely, I love portraying characters that inspire young girls. Showing a relatable character in a job you might not have thought of, like an archaeologist, is super important. That’s the best part about being an actress you get to be all the things you want to be!

MM: Can you see her returning for more adventures?

IBT:  Yes, we have written the next one and will be shooting it in 2020! I can’t wait to show the audience how Sophie’s grown and what an incredible young woman she’s become. League of Legend Keepers: Shadows is released on DVD and Digital 12/10 from Uncork’d Entertainment.