Long Island’s Studio Theatre Launches One Act Play Festival!

Studio Theatre
Long Island’s Studio Theatre Launches One Act Play Festival!

Studio Theatre in Lindenhurst is running a one-act play festival this weekend. At 8pm on Friday and Saturday and 2:30pm on Sunday, nine original plays from local playwrights will be performed by a cast of local talent. The one-act play festival is the result of the theatre’s very first hybrid online/offline playwriting class led by author, journalist, and multi-published fiction writer Meagan J. Meehan. Artistic Director David Dubin cast and directed the plays. Now that the twelve-week class has come to a close, the plays are set to be presented. The synopses of the pieces are as stated below, in the order of performance:

  • “Honey” by Karen Rae Levine: A young, desperately unhappy woman meets an unlikely mentor: Honey, a homeless schizophrenic. What do they have in common? More than you might think.
  • “RGJ: The Indomitable Suffragist” by Sheila Felberbaum: A suffragist, Rosalie Gardiner Jones, was born into a life of luxury. She flaunted her mothers’ vision of feminine propriety and her husbands’ attempts to force her into traditional domesticity. Forever known as a family maverick her marches served as a template for modern methods of disseminating and stimulating socio-political discourse.
  • “The Patient” by Lois Findlay:A young woman writes to a newspaper columnist, “Dear Ivy,” seeking advice on how to repair a very promising relationship that went off the rails after one unfortunate incident. What went wrong and can it be saved?
  • “Harbor Barber” by L.E. Norton: The Harbor Barber is a local men’s barber shop owned by a woman named Carol. Her daughter, Kim, who is suspended from school, hangs out there. All day long, customers come in and chat, occasionally argue, and even make declarations of love. When Russ the mailman presents Carol with a poem, it causes quite a stir!
  • “Revelations” by Larry J. Maltin (performed on Saturday and Sunday only): Two old friends, Amanda and Arnold, meet for dinner. Before they even decide on their meals, they become entangled in a discussion about adoption. Interestingly, neither knows they share the same secret. Dedicated to Lisa and Peter.
  • “The Witch and the Poltergeist” by Kate Elizabeth Orgera: Phoebe’s first apartment has a pest control problem – a ghostly kind. As she and her skeptical friend seek help from a mysterious witch in the woods, they discover the problem – and, maybe, its solution – is stronger than they could have imagined.
  • “Just One” by Larry Rinkel: A struggling would-be artist makes a desperate effort to sell “just one” painting to an exclusive art gallery, with a result he could never expect.
  • “Aftermath” by Michelle Nielsen: The story of a family dealing with an extremely difficult loss and the challenges that come along with it, the scene presented is from a larger piece. Dedicated to K.A.N. and anyone who has dealt with this kind of loss.
  • “Today I Learned” by Bob Kaplan: Sometimes the search for the fulfillment of your life doesn’t culminate on a mountain with a guru; sometimes it takes you to your living room with your neighbor.

To purchase tickets for $20, visit the Studio Theatre website:  https://www.studiotheatreli.com/get-tickets/

Anyone who is interested in signing up for the next class scheduled to begin in Spring 2020 should email Meagan at ArtsyCr8tiveInt@gmail.com