Love and Lies: Interview with Musical Artist Kristine W on New Single, “Just a Lie”

Kristine W
Kristine W is a musical artist whose new single “Just a Lie” reflects on the recent break-up of her marriage. Image via Korby Banner, used with permission.

Kristine W is a musical artist whose new single “Just a Lie” reflects on the recent break-up of her marriage. The song is a preview from her upcoming ISSUES album, scheduled to release in February.

Kristine W recently discussed this deeply personal song, her career, and more via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you discover your musical ability?

Kristine W (KW): When I first performed during the offering at church, I felt the Power of Music. I was eight years old and had performed with my Mom and older sister for a few Music In The Park events we had appeared at during that summer but this was something different. It was just me with my guitar and it was completely silent because it was during the taking of the offering so I felt terrified and totally exposed. I took a deep breath and looked at my Grandmother Mauriel. She gave me the nod and that was a life changing three minutes! The Hymn was “Love Lifted Me” and the reaction was big smiles and nods and some people cried. One person started to clap, after which was inappropriate, but I felt the love.

MM: What experiences do you most draw your inspiration from?

KW: I draw a lot of inspiration from real events and emotions that are felt by the people around me. My fans. share a lot of what’s happening with them in their lives and I like to create stories that they can feel they are a part of …. and they are.

MM: Is if tough to write songs about such personal sadnesses like divorce?

KW: It’s always been tough for me to talk about my personal pain mostly because I feel people are dealing with their own issues and I feel that I shouldn’t burden them with mine. However, we are all connected in this life journey and it is healing to be able to help someone else thru heartbreak and hardships by sharing yours.

MM: One of your most popular songs was “Stronger.” Do you feel stronger today?

KW: My kids, friends, family, and fans definitely remind me that I’m stronger. We have all seen and been through some tough times and they lift me up with their love and support.

MM: Do you write your lyrics or melodies first?

KW: Different songs will hit me at various times. It can be a chord progression or phrase that pops into my head because of something I’ve heard or felt and it grows from there. Songs have always felt like a living creative being once they are created in their most simple form and they need to be nurtured and worked with to become their best version. I’ve re-written or modified many songs over the years.

MM: What’s your favorite song on the album?

KW: I really love “Wind In The Trees” because it was a song started in the late 60’s by my Mom and Auntie Jo when they were performing with my Dad as a country trio called the Humdingers. My Dad passed away quickly and tragically from internal bleeding. Something that they thought was a bad flu ended in the unthinkable. My Mom was a widow with four babies. My Mom and Aunt continued as the song and comedy duo “The Humdingers” and would sing it once in a while during their shows. It was one of those haunting songs you start writing and it becomes your real story and it’s tough to process and perform and continue writing when the loss is yours. It was important to finish it for Issues: Episode One “Love and Loss,” the first part of my three-part “Issues” album.

MM: You’re performing Palm Springs Pride. What does Pride mean to you?

KW: Palm Springs is really special to me because I have quite a few close friends who live there. Performing for Pride shows is always a magical experience because we are celebrating so many small and big victories for the LGBT community. I have been in the trenches since the beginning of my career, so it’s especially rewarding to be able to celebrate with a community that I am proud of and feel a part of.

MM: What are your plans for the holidays? Will this season be a happy time for you?

KW: Yes, it’s going to be fun. We all have so much to be thankful for. Togetherness is the most important holiday gift so I will be spending time with family and friends. I’m kicking off the holiday season with a Dec 2nd show in San Antonio at Heat Nightclub with the amazing Tony Moran and Roland Belmares, celebrating Tony’s Birthday and our First official Tea Dance Show together.

MM: What is your wish for 2020?

KW: My wish for 2020 is that the coming year will bring us all closer and more connected so that we can create positive energy, healing, respect and sustainable change that is felt around the world. That’s a big one but it can happen!

MM: Is there anything else that you would like to talk about?

KW: I want to thank all of my team: the producers, remixers, my PR people, graphic artists, social media team, dancers, stylist, makeup/hair peeps, videographers, photographers, etc.! There are so many people involved in the process of releasing music and I am so grateful and proud of them all.

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