Mess Your Hair Up: Interview with Stewart Taylor

Mess Your Hair Up
“Mess Your Hair Up” is a new single by musical artist Stewart Taylor and the song is a fun R&B funk track that is both playful and catchy.

“Mess Your Hair Up” is a new single by musical artist Stewart Taylor. Out today, just in time for Labor Day weekend, the song is a fun R&B funk track. Both it and its music video are optimistic and incredibly playful.

Stewart recently discussed this song and more via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you discover your musical ability?

Stewart Taylor (ST): I discovered my musical ability when I was about seven years old. One of my first CD’s was Christina Aguilera’s debut album and I sang along to it non-stop. That’s around the same time I started writing songs and doing musical theater.

MM: Do you write lyrics or melodies first?

ST: I’m very lyric-driven. Usually the song idea comes first, and then the melody finds its way into my head.

MM: What experiences do you draw your inspiration from?

ST: I write about my life and all of my experiences. If I’m dating someone, getting out of a relationship, struggling with adversity, feeling happy or sad, I write about it. I think it’s very important to write from a place of truth, and my best songs come from that place.

MM: What inspired “Mess Your Hair Up” and what’s your favorite thing about the song?

ST: “Mess Your Hair Up” was inspired by my boyfriend at the time. He sent me a picture of himself getting a sexy haircut and I told him I wanted to jump on him and mess his hair up. I started singing the chorus then and there. My favorite part about the song is how funky and fun it is. I can tell how happy and in love I was every time I listen to it.

MM: The video is so colorful!  What was the music video filming process like?

Mess Your Hair Up
Stewart Taylor is the musical artist behind “Mess Your Hair Up.”

ST: The video is very colorful! I was inspired by old Prince, Grace Jones, and Robin Thicke videos. My director and I were able to bring the vision to life over a two-day filming period in a film studio and at a venue on Hollywood Boulevard. The first day alone was a fourteen-hour shoot! It was a lot of work but very fun.

MM: Would you say your life today is as colorful as what is projected in the music video?

ST: In a lot of ways, yes.  I live in Hollywood and every single actor or dancer you see is a friend of mine.

MM: What are your ultimate career goals?

ST: My ultimate career goals are to be able to release an album, go on tours all over the world, write hit singles, and live solely off of music and performing. Let’s make it happen!

MM: Is a full album in the works?

ST: Not yet.  Even though I have a million unreleased songs, my strategy is to continue steadily releasing singles until I’ve grown my fan base. In the meantime, I’ll keep writing and pitching songs to pop stars for their albums.

MM: What’s weighing on your mind at the moment?

ST: The thing weighing on my mind at the moment are Lara Spencer’s mean comments on “Good Morning America” about little boys taking ballet classes. I’m very glad the dance community and the rest of the world spoke up and demanded an apology. I can’t even begin to tell you how badly I was bullied for being a dancer and a singer as a young boy. To be made fun of for doing something that you love and are passionate about by both peers and adults can be heartbreaking. It was definitely a very teachable moment for Lara Spencer and for anyone else who subscribes to toxic masculinity. Keep dancing, kids, and don’t let anyone bully you into giving up!