MindTravel in Central Park: Interview with Composer Murray Hidary

Murray Hidary
New York’s Central Park was the location for the MindTravel Live-to-Headphones “silent” Piano Journey on June 23rd at 7pm EST.

New York’s Central Park was the location for the MindTravel Live-to-Headphones “silent” Piano Journey on June 23rd at 7pm EST. The event was led by composer and meditation expert, Murray Hidary. At all MindTravel live events, attendees reserve their headphones and experience a magical journey as Murray Hidary’s real-time compositions are beamed directly into guest’s minds while they kick back and take in the surroundings. Those in attendance are encouraged to bring their favorite blanket and a picnic to share with friends and be ready to let their minds wander while surrounded by the exciting energy of New York City or wherever the event might be held. Events are slowly being added back to the schedule and will be held across the country as well as internationally. To check out the schedule, please visit https://www.mindtravel.com/upcoming-schedule

Murray Hidary recently discussed this event via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): When did you first realize that you wanted to be a composer and how did you break into the industry?

Murray Hidary (MH): I knew in high school that I wanted to be a composer. I felt I had my own thing to say with music. I eventually studied classical composition at NYU. I took an alternative approach to the music industry. When I was ready to perform and share my music with others, I chose to self-produce all my own events, creating a direct relationship with the audience. The main issue with the traditional ‘gatekeepers’ of the music industry is that you don’t have direct access to the audience. By producing and marketing my own events I was in personal touch with everyone. I knew the people coming regularly to my concerts and experiences. And with social media I can update and share with that same community directly.

MM: How would you describe your style and sound?

MH: I think every worthy journey has to start with a worthy question. For me, the question is, “What would the energy of the Universe sound like?” It is that big of a question. If everything in the Universe from the smallest particles on a quantum level to the grandest gravitational waves on a cosmic scale is all an infinite spectrum of vibration then music, as a language of frequency and vibration, is in a good position to translate that expression into something we can relate to. The sound incorporates influences from the multi-dimensional layers and voicings inspired by Bach to the impressionistic musical brushstrokes of Debussy to the trance inducing, repeating and evolving patterns of Glass and Minimalism.

MM: What typically inspires your melodies?

MH: The melodies that emerge in my improvisations and compositions are inspired by both the external landscape and my own internal landscape. From a melodic expression evoked by a beautiful sunset to the melody that expresses my personal emotional state in that moment. Music bridges these two landscapes, the outward and the inward, allowing me to connect more deeply with what’s around me and what’s within me, ultimately merging and unifying the two.

MM: How did you get the idea for the mind travel event and why did you pick Central Park?

MH: I am interested in transporting the participants, creating a sense of wonder and providing the conditions for a healing experience. With nature as the stage and surroundings the conditions are much more inspired and conducive to this goal. When nature, music and community are combined in just the right balance, magic happens.

MM: What are you most looking forward to regarding this event?

MH: We all have so many pent-up feelings and emotions from the last eighteen months that are ready and need to be expressed. I can’t wait to see what music emerges for me in the improvisation of the moment.

MM: What has been the best thing about working in the music industry so far?

MH: Being able to express myself and do what I do every day is a gift I do not take for granted. I feel blessed to be able to share myself through music and along the way hopefully move people and provide the healing we all need.

MM: What projects are coming up for you soon and is there anything else that you would like to discuss?

MH: I look forward to starting up the in-person live events again and continuing the virtual ones online through the MindTravel Mastery Community since it gives an opportunity for people to stay connected no matter where they live. During the pandemic I also spent much of my time writing new compositions and I look forward to producing those larger orchestral works as well.