Modpools: Interview with Inventor Paul Rathnam

Modpools are fun and stylish custom-built, transportable pools that are made from Upcycled shipping containers.

Modpools are a fun and stylish new twist on the classic backyard pool. Modpools are custom-built, transportable pools that are made from Upcycled shipping containers. Each container-turned-pool can be configured to fit in almost any backyard (even very small ones) and customized with added features. They are easy to transport and install and can be set up and swam in on the same day of delivery. Smart controls enable users to adjust the temperature, jets and lighting from anywhere via a Smartphone and for less money than traditional pools.

You can use your Modpool as a swimming pool, hot tub or with an optional sliding, dividing wall – both. If you move, you can even take this portable wonder with you! Modpools can be installed above ground, in ground or in-between, accommodating a variety of backyard terrains and esthetics. You can even get custom add-ons like “windows” with cool views or make it an infinity pool. Finally, the turnaround time (between 8 to 18 weeks) is far less than traditional in-ground pools which can take up to two years to complete. Also, for those who like to rent their homes out via AirBnB, the addition of a pool increases your rental by 30%.

Modpools creator Paul Rathnam recently discussed this invention via an exclusive interview.

ModpoolsMeagan Meehan (MM): When did you get interested in working with pools and how did you come up with the idea for Modpools?

Paul Rathnam (PR): After several repeat trips to Palm Springs around six years ago, I developed a love for pools and the lifestyle of owning one. Already being in the container business, I decided that building a pool from a shipping container made the most sense.

MM: What is it about these containers that makes them such useful pools?

PR: Containers already have a complementary shape and robust engineering making them a natural fit.

MM: How did you establish your company in this field?

ModpoolsPR: Being that our product was innovative and different it stood out in the pool industry and became a talking point for people.

MM: How did you figure out how to customize these pools and what are some of the coolest designs you’ve seen?

PR: With difficulty! Not having experience in pools posed lots of challenges both in design and function.

MM: What are your personal favorite features offered?

PR: I love our standard 8×20’ and 12’x20’ Modpool. The 8×20’ was my first design and still one of my favourts as it’s a great all-around pool and doubles as a hot tub at night.

MM: What are you most excited about regarding getting these pools installed in more locations?

PR: It’s exciting to see more and more families enjoying quality time together in our pools. With so many distractions in life pool time is some of the best time spent together as a family.

MM: How do you envision Modpools evolving and expanding in the future?

ModpoolsPR: As Modpools becomes more mainstream I see increased demand and factory expansions reducing lead-times and making the time from order to delivery even shorter. Our hope is to see this time drop down to a few weeks, making the process of putting in a pool extremely fast compared to traditional pools.

MM: What projects are coming up for you soon and is there anything else that you would like to discuss?

PR: We are always innovating and have some exciting new designs with large windows and infinity edge options coming soon. Look out for us on TV as well. We’ve had the opportunity to be on some Reno/ home improvement shows in the past and have more in the works.

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