Music of the Sea: Interview with Eddie Caldwell

Music of the Sea
MTV just announced that they have made a deal with one of the largest black-owned publishing catalogs, Music of the Sea.

MTV just announced that they have made a deal with one of the largest black-owned publishing catalogs, Music of the Sea. This company has over 2500 artists and 200,000 songs and cues in its catalog, from genres that span Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Rock, Jazz, Pop, Country, to some of the best vintage music from the seventies. The deal allows MTV Entertainment Group easy access to thousands of songs from the Music of the Sea catalog.

Music of the Sea CEO Eddie Caldwell recently discussed this exciting partnership via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you discover your talent for music and interest in music publishing?

Eddie Caldwell (EC): I grew up on the southside of Chicago and started Djing for just a small group of friends and family in the early 80’s. Then rap came along which in those days sampled vintage songs from the 60’s and 70’s. I was always a guy that loved B Sides and Deep Cuts and said to myself “I could produce rap music, since I collected and knew so much music”.  I also attribute my music genes to my father, my brother, and my cousins who are DJ’s and musicians. The publishing interest came from me reading tons of music books and going to music seminars and conferences. I learned this is where the “real business of music” is.

MM: What story is behind the name Music of the Sea?

EC: I’ve always had a strong affinity of being around water, whether it’s a lake, a river or the ocean. So, I decided to name my company Music of The Sea.

Music of the SeaMM: How did you break into the music publishing industry?

EC: After so many attempts of trying to get a joint venture deal for my record label, I started attending the Midem conference in Cannes, France in the late 90’s.  It was my mastering engineer Danny Leake who mentioned I would do well closing deals with foreign labels.  I started licensing music to compilation albums in Germany, France, Japan, and Belgium.  Once I experienced the licensing aspect of the music game and saw how lucrative backend royalties could be, I decided to become a publisher with the main focus being sync licensing music for films and tv shows.

MM: What does this partnership with MTVE mean to you?

EC: It means a lot to me because I can curate a massive amount of  “Real” artists and bands to the huge platform MTVE is for exposure, sales, and ultimately residual income for all.

MM: How does it help multi-ethnic artists on your roster?

EC: Sync licensing is a lane that many multi-ethnic artists don’t know much about and it’s also a lane that can help them with exposure as MTVE has millions and millions of people watching tv shows and films on a daily basis.

MM: How does an artist get their music added to your catalog?  What do you look for when you add a new artist?

Music of the SeaEC: Any artist or band can go to and submit their music there.  We look for any genre of music, as long as it’s good and is professionally mixed and mastered.

MM: What exciting projects are you working on right now?

EC: We’re working on tons of TV Shows and films, including Marvel’s Hawkeye, Jack Ass, MTV’s Black Ink Crew, Tyler Perry’s Sistas, Apple+’s Ted Lasso…

MM: What are your ultimate goals for the future and is there anything else that you would like to mention?

EC: I’d like to create an underground music and media network conglomerate for all independent artists and bands.