Peachtree Publishing Company Inc. Releases New Children’s Books

Peachtree Publishing
Peachtree Publishing Company Inc. is a book company that is known for producing adorable, heartfelt, memorable books for young readers that are just as resonant with adults.

Peachtree Publishing Company Inc. is a book company that is known for producing adorable, heartfelt, memorable books for young readers that are just as resonant with adults. Based in the state of Georgia, Peachtree is dedicated to offering books that both entertain and educate as well as encourage and endure throughout the years.

Upon its establishment in 1977, the company was originally dedicated to the work of Southern writers and, back then, its books had more of an adult focus. In 1988 the company changed hands. In recent years, children’s books featuring a diverse range of topics and characters have become their forte, although they also continue sell their books for adult readers, too.

Peachtree Publishing
Madeline Finn and the Library Dog

Below are some fantastic children’s picture book titles from Peachtree that are available in 2020.

“Madeline Finn and the Library Dog”—This beautiful book is the first in a series written and illustrated by Lisa Papp. It focuses on a little girl named Madeline Finn who has difficulty learning to read until she meets Bonnie the library dog (who resembles a Great Pyrenees).

Peachtree Publishing
Madeline Finn and the Shelter Dog

“Madeline Finn and the Shelter Dog” is the follow-up book where Madeline Finn, Bonnie, and puppy Star visit an animal shelter to share love with the animals waiting for their forever homes.

Peachtree Publishing
Madeline Finn and the Therapy Dog

“Madeline Finn and the Therapy Dog” is the third and newest installment in the series. This chronicles Madeline Finn’s adventures as she trains her puppy, Star, to become a therapy dog at a senior citizens center. Gentle and sweet, this series is delightful for readers of all ages.

Peachtree Publishing
Pipsqueaks, Slowpokes, and Stinkers

“Pipsqueaks, Slowpokes, and Stinkers: Celebrating Animal Underdogs” is a book that playfully enlightens readers about the defense and survival mechanisms of nature’s lesser-known species such as naked mole rats, zorillas, and hoatzins. Written by Melissa Stewart and illustrated by Stephanie Laberis, this book is perfect for animal lovers.

Peachtree Publishing
A Tee for Emmy

“A Tree for Emmy” by Mary Ann Rodman is a very sweet story with an undeniably southern flair about a little girl named Emmy who loves all trees but favors the mimosa. She requests one from her birthday and subsequently learns about the importance of nurturing and caring for a living thing as it grows. The gorgeous illustrations by Tatjana Mai-Wyss perfectly match the charming and sweet nature of this story.

Peachtree Publishing
Gnu and Shrew

“Gnu and Shrew” is a very unique story about two friends, a big gnu antelope and a small shrew, who aspire to find a treasure of diamonds. Author Danny Schnitzlein crafts an interesting tale where fortunes are made, paths are forged, time passes, yet friendship remains. The illustrations by Anca Sandu are excellent and reminiscent of classic Golden Book visuals.

Peachtree Publishing
Duck and Penguin Do NOT Like Sleepovers

“Duck and Penguin Do NOT Like Sleepovers” is the hilarious follow-up to the instant classic “Duck and Penguin Are NOT Friends” Written by Julia Woolf, this series centers on the long-suffering Duck and Penguin, toys of adventuresome best friends Betty and Maud. Whilst the little girls like making art, frolicking in the sandbox, and camping outside in a tent… Duck and Penguin are NOT as keen to participate in such antics.

Peachtree Publishing
Duck and Penguin Are NOT Friends

This book series is an excellent example of how illustrations can tell a story based on the increasingly annoyed expressions on Duck and Penguin’s faces and the oblivious cheerfulness of the children who believe, above all else, that the toys are having a simply splendid time.

Peachtree Publishing
13 Monsters Who Should Be Avoided

“13 Monsters Who Should Be Avoided” is written by Kevin Shortsleeve and illustrated by Michael Austin. A funny, creative, unique tale, it whimsically informs readers of thirteen imaginative never-before-acknowledged monsters. In clever rhyming text, the book tells of their exploits and the illustrations convey just enough imagery to leave plenty of room for the imagination. Any child–or adult–who loves Halloween will likely get much joy from this story.

Any one of these books is a delightful and fun Summer read. To learn more, visit the official website of Peachtree Publishing.