Pelican Creations Home: Interview with President Joseph “Mike” Poulin

Pelican Creations Home
Pelican Creations Home is a family run furniture and flooring company with over thirty years’ experience in the industry.

Pelican Creations Home is a family run furniture and flooring company with over thirty years’ experience in the industry. The company made a splash at the Toronto Interior Design Show (IDS) earlier this month and is looking forward to an amazing 2022. From trendy to timeless, Pelican Creations is familiar with various flooring trends, color options, designs, and Pelican Creations Home’s newest innovations: CushionTech + ClicHome.

Joseph “Mike” Poulin, President of Pelican Creations Home, recently discussed the company via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you discover your passion/first get started in the flooring industry?

Mike Poulin (MP): It’s quite an interesting story. We started in the toy industry (sourcing and making trips to Asia) and then we moved into the flooring industry from there.

MM: When did you establish Pelican Creations Home and how did you select the name?

MP: We founded Pelican Creations Inc in 1999 which was our general sourcing company and then about five years ago we started Pelican Creations Home. We selected the name Pelican because it represents loyalty, trust and dependability which is what we deliver to our customers.

MM: What is it like to work with family?

MP: I’m sure any family-run business will tell you they have their ups and downs, but we feel truly blessed to be able to not only work in an industry we are so passionate about but to share it with our loved ones. We also all come from different backgrounds so we bring a different perspective to the table which is extremely helpful when we’re brainstorming new innovations.

MM: How do you keep up to date on all the latest trends?

MP: We have very close relationships with film and paper designers who keep us up to date with flooring trends before anyone else. We also read and stay on top of the latest flooring and trend magazines. Ultimately, we like to think of it as selling fashion and quality in our floors. We also get a lot of feedback from our customers since they are region specific and trends change based on where you’re located. This is one of our advantages because we can truly build it your way.

MM: Which trends have been the most popular, the most unusual, and which are your personal favorites?

MP: Scandinavian and light colors are really trending today. Consumers are drawn to that natural and light look to brighten up their homes. We’ve seen some very unusual mixed colors and patterns and even materials before. But hey, we all have unique tastes! Our personal favorite is whatever sells the best! No, but truly, what allows our consumers to express their personalities through designing their homes. Fashion or art comes and goes but it’s a proud moment as a homeowner when you walk into a house that truly embodies your personality.

MM: How do you see the flooring and furniture industry evolving in the near future?

MP: Color and style will always lead the way but what sets Pelican apart is inserting tech and innovation into an industry that often doesn’t adopt change. People will always have the need to design or decorate a home. That will never change and they can trust us as leaders in the industry to be with them through all their life journeys.

Pelican Creations HomeMM: Tell us more about ClicHome and CushionTech!

MP: CushionTech: Pelican Creations Home is treading new grounds with the first and only flooring solution with a layered patented core. Cushion Tech innovation provides consumers with a soft, comfort-first feel with every step. Additionally, Cushion Tech features innovative patented Unilin locking technology that provides a unique, quick and easy DIY installation, and requires no glue or adhesives! The innovative technology blends optimal ratios of EVA pad and stone plastic composite (SPC) core thickness to help deliver the most stable flooring, without sacrificing comfort! After over two years of rigorous research, development and testing across China and Europe and a worldwide patent, CushionTech is ready to support you in all your best moments. With limitless colour options and patterns, antimicrobial protection, waterproof finish and a lifetime warranty, Cushion Tech offers peace of mind for the entire family. The tough wearlayer and scratch-proof surface ensures the product is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

ClicHome: Pelican Creations Home is expanding into the furniture market with the launch of ClicHome. ClicHome technology is designed to bring peace-of-mind to end users through an easy installation process, involving minimal packaging and no added assembly parts. ClicHome products are made to last and can be assembled and disassembled repeatedly without any damage to the product. All ClicHome products are equipped with a plastic strip designed to make disassembly simple. The plastic strip disengages the locking system when it is inserted along the edge of a ClicHome product. The technology utilises Valinge’s patented locking system, making it a natural addition to Pelican Creations Home’s collection. From production to assembly, ClicHome improves efficiency for every person involved. It is six times faster to assemble, while being three times stronger than traditional furniture. With no extra tools or assembly fittings, production and packing times are significantly reduced, allowing ClicHome customers to get a hold of their furniture seamlessly. ClicHome’s flat packaging allows for reduced freight costs, warehouse costs, warehouse space, shipping times and warranty claims as the chances of missing parts are virtually erased. Naturally, ClicHome has a streamlined and sleek appearance post-assembly due to the absence of fittings. The thin panels in each piece of ClicHome furniture combine elegantly and precisely, creating dream living spaces within the click of a few pieces.

MM: What are your ultimate goals for the future and is there anything else that you would like to mention?

MP: To continue to build our brand and deliver quality products and innovation to our consumers and the industry as a whole. We are leading innovation through fashion and quality.