Scars: Interview with Director Shaun Kosta

"Scars" is a forthcoming new movie by filmmaker Shaun Kostas who is currently filming the project that focuses on the effects of PTSD on war veterans.

“Scars” is a forthcoming new movie by filmmaker Shaun Kosta who is currently hard at work planning the forthcoming filming process. The movie in inspired by Richard F. Berg’s powerful novel ‘’Scars’’ which explores the effects of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) on war veterans.

Shaun recently discussed this project and more via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM):  Where in the states do you come from?

Shaun Kosta (SK): Portland, Oregon.

MM: filmmaking in the blood?

SK: In my blood, yes; I’ve been making films and videos since I was a kid.

MM: How long have you wanted to do your PTSD story ‘Scars’?

SK: I was given the book, written by Richard F. Berg, CSC, earlier this year. My awesome uncle has PTSD after the Vietnam War. I also have friends with PTSD. I’ve learned, as the book and soon movie say, “You don’t ever get over it. You get on with it.”

“Scars” is set to be filmed soon. 

MM: Though normally associated with vets, anyone can be affected by PTSD is that right?

SK: Absolutely. That’s why SCARS also includes the family in the process of their own “getting on with it.”

MM: So “Scars” is primarily Richard’s story?

SK: Yeah. Richard wrote the book after interviewing many Veterans and their families. The book is a mildly fictionalized account of one Veteran’s story of war and the PTSD he experiences at home after war, with his loved ones always bearing witness. Father Berg is a much loved and respected Catholic priest in Portland, Oregon.    

MM: How involved is he in the film?

SK: Very.  

MM: Does he have any suggestions for who should play him?

SK: He’ll appear as himself in a short scene early in the movie.  

MM: Where is the project currently at?

SK: In development.

MM: What is the ultimate goal of ‘Scars’?

SK: The goal is for the film to be an entertaining, authentic tonic for those living with PTSD.