Seeds: Interview with Writer and Director Owen Long

“Seeds” is a new movie by Rhode Island-based writer-director Owen Long who wrote this latest film for his brother to star in.

“Seeds” is a new movie by Rhode Island-based writer-director Owen Long who wrote this latest film for his brother to star in. Fortunately for Owen, his brother, Trevor, is a popular, well-known actor and a cast member of the hit Netflix series “Ozark”.

Owen recently discussed his experiences working in this film–and working alongside his brother–via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM):  What’s refreshing about “Seeds” is that it goes against the grain of what most traditional horror films are. I imagine it was calculated to try and do something more inimitable and more, dare I say, realistic?

Owen Long (OL): I never had it in mind to make a traditional horror picture. The story was there from the beginning and dictated the film. The horror aspect is nonphysical but tangible.

MM: There’s a couple of Longs involved in the film. Was it always intended to be a family production?

OW: It was. The role of Marcus was always intended for my brother (Trevor) and the character of Spencer was inspired by my son.

“Seeds” is a creepy horror movie.

MM: Can you imagine the version where you sold the script to an uber-studio and they did their thing with it though? At any time, did you attempt that?

OL: I did. There was a deal in place to option the rights – I eventually turned it down.

MM: What was the impetus for the story here?

OL: It started with a notion – why do we do what we do, even when we inherently know it’s wrong? But what is “wrong”? Who, what determines what’s right and wrong? I guess there’s a question about morality in there… There was also my fascination with desire and what desire drives us do… despite the consequences. Do we have choice in all things or are some things inevitable? That’s where it started.

MM: Are there any personal elements to it?

OL: Biographically, no. Idiosyncratically, some. In the execution, entirely.

MM: And did the script change much over the course of those drafts?

OL: Not too much, no. Any revisions or additions were practical ones and made very deliberately to serve the story.

MM: Was your brother always attached to headline?

OL: He was. The part was written for him.

MM: Has Trevor’s role in ‘’Ozark’’ started to really open doors for the movie that were otherwise closed before? I imagine there’s definitely an even bigger fanbase waiting to see the movie now?

OL: We will see soon enough, haha.

“Seeds” was created as a collaboration between brothers Owen and Trevor Long.

MM: What does Trevor bring to the movie? Talk about his wonderful, multi-faceted performance if you can?

OL: As an actor, Trevor has a natural affinity and inclination to play characters who are grappling with life’s curveballs. And he’s deeply committed to his craft. It’s evident in how convincing Trevor is at portraying people who are so unlike himself. He struggled with Marcus. And with that tension, he gave a complex portrayal of a tortured man, whose inner demons might be abhorrent, but his humanity is always present.

MM: What’s next for you?

OL: An insane asylum. Just kidding – cooking up another project now – a coming of age tale. The premise is “what does not devour you, defines you”.