Strangers: Interview with Musical Artist AC Lincoln

"Strangers" is a new song by AC Lincoln.

AC Lincoln is a musical artist and native New Yorker who has been tap dancing since the age of five. Heavily influenced by both Hip Hop/R&B and Jazz music, AC started writing music as a teenager and now performs throughout NYC and internationally with his band and collaborating with other creatives like Grammy nominated singer Emily King and Grammy winning mixing engineer Ben Kane.

AC is now working on an album and his new single entitled “Strangers” has just been released. AC recently discussed this and more via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you discover your love for music and how did you develop your unique style?

AC Lincoln (ACL): My parents are both musicians and I was born on tour with them. So, I guess you can say that I have always had a very personal relationship with music. I’ve been in love with music from the beginning and developing my own style has felt as natural as growing into my own personality.

AC Lincoln is a talented musical artist and native New Yorker who has been tap dancing since the age of five and still enjoys performing.

MM: What inspired you to make your own album and how many songs will be included?

ACL: I have a lot of music inside me and creating a full album is the perfect situation to bring that music to life and share it with the world. The album will consist of at least ten songs but perhaps a bit more.

MM: What inspired the single “Strangers”?

ACL: Kirk Thurmond reached out to me on IG about possibly making music together. He wrote that he had a band “Kirk Thurmond and The Millenial’s” that had opened up for my sister who is the recording artist Emily King. I messaged Kirk back that I’d be down to collab but didn’t really pursue anything until about a month later. The whole process was very organic. I heard a bit of a demo song that Kirk put up and thought that it sounded like something I could really vibe on. Kirk agreed and we continued from there. I loved the concept and vibe of the song instantly and so it wasn’t a question of doing this together, it was a question of how and when we could we make this record.

MM: How did you get the opportunities to collaborate with so many established people?

Heavily influenced by both Hip Hop/R&B and Jazz music, AC started writing music as a teenager.

ACL: I have been very blessed to be part of this great community of artists and musicians. Putting myself and my art out there on the scene and showing up to the party has allowed me to meet a lot of very cool and talented people and build on those relationships. As artists we seem to find each other and if it feels right, music is made.

MM: You do a lot of live shows, so what can audiences expect from your concerts?

ACL: You can expect a lot of energy and passion. I love to dance, so there will be a lot of grooves to move to. Through the power of music, I let the vulnerability of performing live be my guide in connecting to an audience. Building a space together where we can all feel free to be ourselves, let loose and have fun.

MM: What projects are coming up for you soon and is there anything else that you would like to talk about?

ACL: I have a new single “Strangers” out right now with Kirk Thurmond which I’m very excited about. I love how both our musical sensibilities found a really dope unity in the vibe of this song. I really feel we brought our powers together to create something both unique and familiar but most of all moving. I can’t help but groove to it. It’s got a retro 80’s swag but still feels current. I will def. be making more music with Kirk Thurmond. I also have been busy creating music for my album yet to be titled. Following “Strangers” I will be releasing several new singles this year in anticipation of the full-length release. Album release date to be determined but should be out by the end of the year.