Such a Funny Life: Interview with Filmmaker Oliver Mann

Such a Funny Life
“Such a Funny Life” is a new movie about a comedian who is trying to make it big by talented New York-based filmmaker Oliver Mann.

“Such a Funny Life” is a new movie by New York-based filmmaker Oliver Mann. Seven years after first putting pen to paper on the dramatic story of a young man with aspirations to become a comedian, filmmaker Oliver is delighted to finally having the opportunity to introduce audiences to “Such a Funny Life.”

He recently discussed the film via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): Any relation to Michael Mann, Oliver?

Oliver Mann (OM): No relation but he is one of my favorites. “Heat” is my all-time favorite film. I’ve seen it perhaps 30 times (could be more). I used to watch it on VHS so much that I would wear the VHS out and get it stuck in the VCR and would have to pry it out of the VCR with pliers.

MM: While we’re on the topic of filmmakers, who are some of your favorites?

OM: The aforementioned, Michael Mann. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, old Spike Lee work, old Oliver Stone work, Derek Cianfrance, Martin Scorsese to name a group.

MM: And did any of them inspire your decision to pursue a career in filmmaking?

OM: Well I always had a wild imagination since I can remember via movies, life experiences and simply a unique brain network so it never dawned on me that I would be a director until the early 2000’s. Since my imagination was so overbearing and I couldn’t paint (I tried, I suck), somehow it was a natural impulse that lead me into this career to manifest my ideas and please an audience. So, the answer is I’m sure they had some intrinsic influence.

MM: Did you have a supportive family?

OM: Absolutely! My parents are my idols. Both are strong, creative, leaders and simply put my idols.

MM: Are they like the family in your film?

OM: Oh heavens no. The one great thing is with writing fictional work there is no creative threshold. Do I implement some of my experiences in the film, perhaps, however I find it more entertaining to create these complex characters that have nothing to do with me!

MM: How close to the character of David are you?

OM: David seems to have many layers. At times timid, ambitious, creative, a coward, strong, and many other things. I feel those characteristics every day plus more. So not the exact DNA of David but as a human the layers and emotions are ever present.

MM: And was being a comedian ever something you wanted to be?

OM: Never. My friends used to tell me I was and am funny but I was always a spectator of comedians. Creating a story is great on a specific topic because you can actually delve deep into that world and find out wonderful information.

MM: what kind of hurdles does David face?

OM: I would say he faces the hurdle of living in a tough family and environment and living with this talent and struggles to make it seen and heard. However, his hurdles can stifle him to not succeed and the journey is watching how and if he succeeds with good and bad choices.

MM: Did you have to jump any hurdles in order to get your film made?

OM: I didn’t jump hurdles, I jumped buildings, spiked fences. This would take an autobiography to write about what I have been through to make this. I’ll give you a brief synopsis. It took me seven years to make a film of a runtime of 83 minutes. And picture every day of those seven years I prepped to make this film. Here are some words to describe my seven year experience with this film (death, anxiety, debt, frustration, insecurity, hunger). Was it worth it? Yup.

MM: How long ago did you write it?

OM: The exact date of me creating the treatment was August 11, 2011.

MM: And can you tell us where it’ll release?

OM: The first public screening date for “Such a Funny Life” will begin August 13th, 2019 in Brooklyn, NY and August 15th, 2019 in the MD/DC area. Book your tickets now to watch this unique film. You can book your tickets at the below links. Thank you so much for your time. Below are the links to the theaters:

NY Theater:

DC Theater:

We look forward  seeing you at the theater!