Super Delicious: Interview with Musical Artist Megan Vice

Super Delicious
"Super Delicious" is the latest hit song by musical artist Megan Vice.

Singer and songwriter Megan Vice is enjoying success across pop radio stations with her witty new hit titled “Super Delicious.” Produced by Kyle Kelso, Megan and indie pop artist Catey Shaw initially got the idea for the song after hearing a funny and flirty instrumental from Catey’s producer and songwriter husband, Jay Levine. From there, they decided to write a love song about love, desire, and…junk food.

“Super Delicious” is an ideal summer song. It’s catchy, clever, funny, and centered on a lighthearted topic that most people will identify with. The music video, which was shot on the beaches of New York’s Fire Island, was just released.

Megan Vice is a rising star who was born and raised in New York. Her style is distinctively her own; a special brand of glitter, sass and disco-infused funk pop. She recently discussed the song, her career, and more via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you discover your musical ability? 

Megan Vice (MV): I don’t think my music ability was ever something I “discovered” in some sort of “ah-ha!” moment. I’ve just always loved music and singing and realized at an early age that I could imitate almost every vocal riff and tone on all my favorite songs.

MM: What experiences do you most draw your inspiration from?

MV: I draw most of my inspiration from my experiences being a woman in music. A woman in general and the struggles I face because of it. As well as celebrating my femininity. A lot of my inspiration is taken from my love life, past relationships, heartbreak – all that.

Super Delicious
Megan Vice’s “Super Delicious” is a cleverly written dance tune that is perfect for the summer.

MM: How much of an impact did growing up in New York have on you creatively? 

MV: I think growing up in NY had a huge impact on me creatively because of its melting pot of culture and style. I was taking the train into the city from Long Island where I grew up almost every weekend. I had my fake ID in hand at 17 sneaking into clubs to see my favorite artists play or DJ. I love that a lot of things in NYC are not as they seem. I’ve attended so many parties that were incredibly glamorous/insane that you needed to know a password and the building looked like an abandoned storage unit but then you go inside and there’s acrobats covered in diamonds hanging from the ceiling and drag queens pulling you out on the dance floor with champagne. You never know what you’re going to get in this city but you know it’s going to be an adventure and you know that there will always be a place for you to go express yourself no matter what time of day or night it is. They don’t call it the city that never sleeps for nothing.

MM: Do you write the beats or lyrics first and how did that process work with “Super Delicious”? 

MV: Usually there will already be a production idea in mind with a collaborator and I’ll tackle the topline over it. “Super Delicious” was originally co-written with and for indie darling Catey Shaw in one of her NY writing sessions with my producer Kyle Kelso a couple years ago. She ended up going a different route stylistically, so I decided to put the song out myself with a reimagined grittier music kick to it because I loved it so much.

MM: Why did you decide to base the music video on Fire Island?

MV: I didn’t decide on Fire Island, Fire Island decided on me! It was just something that came together naturally while I was at a party with friends because everyone was having such a good time and looking so amazing/ridiculous that I thought to myself “Ok, yup,  this is it this is the video!” and just started shooting footage on my iPhone. Fire Island represents free love, free expression, freedom to be who you truly are – and I felt that energy was exactly what I wanted the visuals for this music video to convey.

MM: Which venues have you played and which have been the most memorable? 

MV: Oh jeeze, I’ve played a ton of places but the most memorable ones are definitely when I played in Tokyo at 354 Club in Shibuya two years ago. And accompanying my dudes The Knocks as their live vocalist for two sold out Terminal 5 shows and a sold-out Webster Hall show!

MM: What are your ultimate career goals? 

MV: I want to build an empire. I want Megan Vice to be a household name – to inspire children to express themselves in whatever way feels good to them. Kids are so important to me so I’d love to one day tie what I do into something specifically targeted to kids like a show or something. I want to win a Grammy and to play all my favorite music festivals! I’d like to perform all over the world and be able to fully support myself financially through my creative outlets, which are music, fashion and comedy. I think that’s every artists goal – to make enough doing what they love that they don’t need to have a second or third job to make ends meet.

MM: Who are your idols? 

MV: My idols in life and in music consist of my parents, Jane Fonda, Michelle Obama, Alexandria Ocasio-Ortez, Ellen Degeneres, RuPaul, MJ, Prince, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Lionel Richie, Annie Clark… honestly the list is pretty long so I’ll just leave you with these.

MM: What should the world know about Megan Vice? 

MV: I’m about to make all your pop dreams come true!


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