Hottee Aguacatee: The Avocado Club Kickstarts Avocado Hot Sauce Campaign

Hottee Aguacatee
The Avocado Club is a company that illustrates the lifestyles of avocado ambassadors worldwide.

The Avocado Club is a company that illustrates the lifestyles of avocado ambassadors worldwide. Offering a podcast, merchandise (such as awesomely adorable t-shirts), and more, they are now launching a Kickstarter campaign to support a new product called “Hottee Aguacatee” which is an avocado-infused hot sauce. The project is being funded via a Kickstarter and they are partnering with MakeStickers, a custom sticker solution company.

The Avocado Club Founder Brandon Fassberg recently discussed this campaign, the company, and avocados via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you discover your love for avocados and how did you turn that into a company?

Brandon Fassberg (BF): Believe it or not, I used to hate avocado! But as I got older, I really started to appreciate it. I learned how healthy and unique they were through research and networking at food events and such. This unapologetic love inspired me to eventually start a brand and launch The Avocado Club on Instagram!

MM: What was it like to start up a company/brand and how have you brought attention to it?

BF: It felt sort of natural! I’ve considered myself an entrepreneur of sorts since I was 10. The number one strategy that I’ve used to help build the brand and bring awareness is community. The Avocado Club’s current social audience of 15,000+ was primarily due to the partnerships and collaborations that we’ve formed with other brands who loved what we were doing.

MM: What led to the podcast and how do you find topics to feature?

BF: Honestly, I loved listening to podcasts and I really wanted to make one of my own! Came up with the name Guac & Talk and just started reaching out to guests! And once our Kickstarter campaign officially launches, we’ll be introducing the video version. Whoo hoo!

MM: Your site also includes some really awesomely adorable avocado-themed T-shirts. Who designs them and how much apparel is currently available?

BF: Thank you! I designed them myself with the help of some very talented artists. The graphics are printed seamlessly via Printful and then synced with our Shopify store. Currently, we have tees, mugs, socks and pretty soon HOT SAUCE!

MM: What other offerings does your company have?

Hottee Aguacatee
Brandon Fassberg is the owner of The Avocado Club.

BF: Our focus right now is to continuing building products and experiences that represent the avocado. Aside from the shop, podcast, upcoming vlog and hot sauce, we’re also developing a very special food truck concept that I can’t really talk much about yet but I will soon, I promise.

MM: You just started a Kickstarter campaign to promote an avocado hot sauce. So, how did that come about?

BF: Yes, I totally did! It’s simple, really. I’ve always loved hot sauce and product design. Strange, I know but it’s really true. I thought it would be the perfect time to market something avocado-themed to the audience that The Avocado Club has built.

MM: You partnered with a sticker company, so how did you think up this marriage between the sticker and the avocado?

BF: Absolutely! When I was developing the campaign perks for our Kickstarter, I thought it would be smart to partner up with brands that could feature their product(s) within our backer perk collection. We were about to feature a full sticker pack of 3 branded stickers.  I’m so pumped.

MM: Be honest, what’s your all-time favorite avocado product?

BF: Oh, that’s a tough one! I love everything avocado though I’ll say I do enjoy this awesome card game called “Avocado Smash.” It’s great to play with a large group.

MM: What projects are coming up for you soon and is there anything else that you would like to talk about?

BF: Right now, our focus is to successfully launch our hot sauce, Hottee Aguacatee! If you’re interested in contributing to the campaign, we’re launching on March 24, 2020 and there are so many super cool rewards to earn with your contributions. Maybe even featuring your name on the actual bottle!


To learn more, visit the official website.