The BeatBuds Head to Nickelodeon

The BeatBuds
The BeatBuds are a duo of beloved musical artists who specialize in parties, music classes, and special events and are now anticipating the launch of their very own animated preschool series on Nickelodeon.

The BeatBuds are a duo of beloved musical artists who specialize in parties, music classes, and special events and are now anticipating the launch of their very own animated preschool series on Nickelodeon. Scheduled for a 2021 premiere, the show inspires kids across the globe to sing and dance and spread joy.

In the current COVID climate, the duo are hosting virtual hour-long shows entitled “The BeatBuds Live” which are streamed Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:30 a.m. PT on The BeatBuds’ YouTube channel: HERE. The channel also offers playful activities, arts and crafts projects, stories, puppet shows, and more. Every day, the show has a different theme such as Mystery Mondays, Wired Wednesdays and Fan Fridays. During lockdown, they are also offering CyberJam Birthday Parties, Weekly Music Sessions, Private Sessions. Birthday Greetings, and Special Events via Zoom.

Since 2012, The BeatBuds—who created songs that are catchy, modern, and typically have educational bends—have performed over 6,000 gigs at venues including The Hollywood Palladium and The Fonda Theater and have released three full-length, original albums. They recently partnered with iconic media mogul Scooter Braun of SB Projects (Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Kanye West, Demi Lovato, Dan & Shay, Psy, Tori Kelly, and owner of Big Machine Records), and together they are carving out their own exciting path to bring The BeatBuds to the entire world.

They recently discussed their careers via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you initially get interested in music and how did you meet?

The BeatBuds
The BeatBuds’ show will be as much fun as their music.

The BeatBuds: We met in school when we were 6 years old. As classmates we were side by side, but it only took a few recesses until we were attached at the hip. At that point music wasn’t part of the equation, but just a few years later we were doing talent shows playing tennis rackets as guitars and setting the foundation for a trust and a musical connection that would later materialize. There was no shortage of music in our households at an early age, ranging stylistically from classical to hard rock. Our parents are big time music fans, so naturally we caught the music bug early on. We were enthralled by not only the sound of music and the way it made us feel, but also the visual aspect of watching a musician sing or play an instrument and how much emotion they expressed while doing it.

MM: How did you decide to focus on family friendly music in particular and when did you first break into the music industry?

The BeatBuds: We first broke into the music industry together the moment we set foot in our first rock ‘n roll club to play our first gig in our early teens. After that gig we knew that we were gonna figure out a way to make a living playing music. We continued to pound the pavement all through our formative years and attained many goals we had dreamed of, including playing with notable bands we idolized, playing legendary venues, and touring relentlessly. All this experience unknowingly gave rise to our current family music endeavor, The BeatBuds. While there is little similarity to the types of bands we played in together previously in terms of lifestyle and approach, there are certainly core elements that are directly taken from our past experiences and most certainly from our past experiences as best friends since early childhood.

We didn’t ‘decide’ to make family friendly music as much as it chose us. One could argue that the innocence of our super strong relationship, due to its uniquely early beginnings, conjures a youthful energy and an ability for us to both go to that ‘place’ where only joy and happiness can exist. In no way would we imply that the challenges of adulthood ever completely disappear, but there is a sensibility that we both are lucky enough to possess that lends itself to the family music genre and providing children an inspiring experience. In short, there were a few random circumstances such as a severe back injury, some unexpected time off, and immersion into our own blossoming families that sparked the idea of writing fun, rockin’ songs for our kids and nephews. One song led to two, two to three, and soon enough we were calling upon our past experiences in music to help us realize what some say we were put on this earth to do: Give families the kind of music that they legitimately enjoy, and most importantly … enjoy together.

The BeatBuds
The BeatBuds musical duo.

MM: How do you infuse education into your music and do you write the lyrics or melodies first?

The BeatBuds: As parents ourselves we know how tough it can be to always stay in parent mode and be that relentless disciplinarian. Whether it’s things like napping or cleaning up, the importance of these topics is tough to communicate to early age children (even adults … haha). As a result, parents ask us to write songs about topics like these in an effort to find a new avenue to more effectively convey their message. It became our joy and pleasure to write songs like these and make them not only fun, but also solid songs that parents could listen to and enjoy with their kids all the while conveying an important message.

We generally come up with the melodies, riffs, or chord changes first, with the intention of finding a sound that somehow sounds like the topic (if that makes any sense). This could be something as simple as the way the melody is phrased, a specific rhythm, or even a specific instrumental sound we have in mind to be featured in the song. Then we record the music and layer the lyrics on top.  By this point we have a strong idea of the lyrical content, and we then craft it into the song. Many things align during the course of creating a song that can’t be pinpointed to say which comes first or second, but generally speaking, this is one of our standard approaches to writing a BeatBuds song.

MM: How did you get involved with Nickelodeon and secure your own show?

The BeatBuds: As we began to develop The BeatBuds and really started to see it take shape, we felt that a visual element would complement our interactive songwriting and interactive performances. We started to look for a way to bring the joy of music to more than just our regional fan base because we truly felt that the kids of the world deserve to experience our story, our music, and our approach to community through music. Thus, we began to take outside interest in our product more seriously. Prior to that point though, as far as we were concerned, we had ‘made it.’ We were jamming together, writing together, making a living with music together, getting the kids to smile, and developing a cult following that truly supported and believed in us. So we were in no rush to start taking meetings. But we were constantly being pulled aside by industry executives about the potential they saw in The BeatBuds after our performances. Flattered and appreciative of course, the thought of a TV show was the one thing that really piqued our interest and something we knew could help us bring The BeatBuds to the world. If the conversation moved in that direction, we were listening. One of the people that had experienced The BeatBuds with his then 2-year-old son was Scooter Braun. He approached us in a very unassuming way firstly, thanking us for offering his family a music alternative that he could enjoy with his son, secondly, inquiring about the vision we had, and thirdly, simply extending an open invitation to some free advice if we ever needed it as we continued our journey. His approach felt genuine, especially since he was a client of ours for birthday parties and music classes, and over time it percolated to the point where our next conversation became a real discussion about entering television. With Scooter Braun, his team’s help, and a prior connection we had made, we felt Nickelodeon would be the right place to begin a television relationship. Luckily, Nickelodeon felt the same way and we are now taking the proper steps to realizing that vision.

MM: Can you give us any spoilers about what the show’s episodes will be about?

The BeatBuds: Let’s just say that The BeatBuds will be doing what they do best: Bringing fun, rockin’ music to the masses, meeting more ‘Buds along the way, and learning together. Let’s Jam!

The BeatBuds
The BeatBuds

MM: How has YouTube helped you grow your fan base and how do you come up with the ideas for your videos?

The BeatBuds: YouTube allows us to take our brand from a regional entity to a global one. We now have people all over the world keeping an eye on us and spreading the word. Most of our videos and YouTube content is based on our original music. We aim to write songs that have a certain level of complexity, in that, much like their ability to offer both kids and parents something enjoyable to listen to, they are stories and concepts within themselves. This allow us to frame our video content in a versatile and consistent way that goes hand in hand with our song content. Everything from music videos, craft making, to live performances is found on our YouTube channel.

MM: How have you been keeping people entertained during the coronavirus lockdown?

The BeatBuds: We decided to do a YouTube live stream multiple times a week to help give kids and families continuity. We were doing in-person performances in so many of these families’ living rooms on a daily basis prior to the coronavirus madness, performing upwards of 30-40 gigs each week, so the live stream is our way of bringing the kids a sense of normalcy into their homes. This also allows their parents a moment to take a deep breath and/or enjoy some quality, enriching, fun time with their kids.

MM: What are your ultimate goals for the future and is there anything else that you would like to mention?

The BeatBuds: Our ultimate goal for the future is to continue to inspire children and encourage a family experience. We want kids to know that music and music making is so much more than just hearing and playing a song. It’s a way to express oneself, a way to establish community, and most importantly, a way to have fun. In our world, every kid has something to offer and therefore every kid can be a BeatBud!


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