The Bench: Interview with actor Jason Stojanovski

The Bench
"The Bench" stars talented young actor Jason Stojanovski who will play the role of a police officer in the brand-new mini-series.

“The Bench” is a new mini-series that will soon come to screens across the globe. Young stage of stage and screen, Jason Stojanovski, adds another notch to his belt with the role of Officer Benedetto in the upcoming mini-series “The Bench.” He recently discussed this project and more via an exclusive interview.

Meagan Meehan (MM): Jason, you’re from Australia I believe?

Jason Stojanovski (JS): Yes ma’am! Born and raised in Newcastle. It’s on the east coast of Australia about 80 miles north of Sydney. I’m a first generation Australian though, both my parents were born in Macedonia. In case you were wondering why there’s so many letters in my last name!

MM: Did you get your acting start there or in the U.S?

JS: My start came in Australia. Coming over to the U.S was just a natural progression, I guess. Los Angeles in really where the heart and soul of the acting industry is, so it made sense that I’d end up here.

MM: Why acting?

JS: It was an accident! Not something I had ever considered doing with my life and I actually got forced into taking my first acting class! My brother had won a free acting class as a prize in a competition. He was far too shy to ever even consider taking it and my mother wasn’t about to let it go to waste. So, she didn’t take no for an answer and made me take the class. Glad she did obviously, because I fell in love with it from the first moment.

MM: And you’ve come to the US to further your career? What kind of films have you been going in for?

JS: That’s right. As I mentioned, it just seemed like the right and natural thing to do. As for what I’ve been going in for, I’ve found that in recent times it’s been more for TV pilots than it has been film and I’m totally fine with that. The sheer amount of really high-quality TV productions that have been flowing out lately has been amazing.

MM: You’ve secured a role in an anticipated series called ‘’The Bench’’. What can you tell me about it?

JS: We’re still in pre-production on this one so I’ll have to be cautious with my words. But the official Log line for the miniseries is: “A high-profile attorney falls to police bullets. A decorated police officer’s life is ended by a sniper. A young transient Native American girl is caught in the convergence of it all.”

MM: It sounds like it hits some hot button topics. Did any of them hit home close for you?

JS: It does! As that log line suggests, we are going to be exploring some of the serious social issues we’re experiencing in the world today. I’ve experienced some discrimination in my own personal life, so I guess the content surrounding that hits a little closer to home than some of the others that I have no personal experience with, but that’s not to say that I don’t think the other issues are of equal importance.

MM: How much like your character are you?

JS: I try to live my life being as honorable as I can, always doing what’s “right” regardless of consequence. I hope I’m doing a good job of that. It’s definitely a trait that Officer Benedetto and I share.

MM: Any idea how many episodes you’ll be in yet?

JS: I play one of the central characters in the series, so rather than giving you a number, I’ll just say that we’ll be seeing a lot of him.

MM: Where do you hope to be in 5 years, Jason?

JS: I’m really enjoying my journey through life and I’m focused on enjoying each moment and opportunity as they come, so I haven’t really thought too much about it. But I think if I can just continue with a steady stream of working on projects that I can be proud of, then I’ll call that a huge win!