The Dream of Flying: Artist Chris Bleicher Goes to South Korea

The Dream of Flying
Chris Bleicher is an incredibly popular and successful artist from Germany who is known for creating art that includes neon lights.

“The Dream of Flying” is an art piece that Chris Bleicher, who is one of the most famous living artists in Germany today, describes as a “Neon Picture Object.” A commentary on how many humans dream of flying, the piece features an adorable cockatoo, the wing of a plane, and a neon installation—for which Chris has become famous as a neon artist.

The Dream of Flying
“The Dream of Flying”

Chris is now showing the piece in South Korea as part of the 5th Geoje International Art Festival titled “Freedom + Peace” which is premiering on September 1 (and runs until Oct. 31) and will then be placed in the permanent collection of the Haegeumgang Theme Museum. Cheon Eob Yu is the director of the museum who is organizing the show with a team of curators the International Art Festival. In this show, artists use their work to express the concepts of freedom and peace.

Our mission is to provide international platform to international artists in a way showing up their work,” Cheon Eob Yu said in an official statement. “Through the event, you are recognized by art lovers, collectors, and much more. It benefits you and your future creation.”

Overall, the work of 121 artists from all across the globe are exhibiting as part of the show. In total, thirty-seven countries will be represented…Chris Bleicher among them representing Germany with her bright neon art.

The Dream of Flying
“The Chicken in the Cockpit”

“The Dream of Flying” is a prime example of Chris’ neon picture art medium but it also has many deeper meanings, undertones, and symbolism. Chris was careful to craft a piece that depicts the freedom of flying in every form of history—from birds flying through the air to modern-day high-speed planes. Odes to Karl Wilhelm Otto Lilienthal (who was a flight pioneer), Ikarus (of Greek mythology), Leonardo da Vinci (who created flying objects far ahead of his time) are also present.

“The cockatoo is one of the most intelligent birds,” Chris explained when asked why she selected that specific breed to represent the avian portion of the artwork. “It was also crucial that the original airplane pieces I included were NOT

The Dream of Flying
“Colossus in Motion”

from wrecks or damages that caused human injuries or death. The plane parts are just from normal airplane repairs. Waste prevention and recycling has been one of my primary topics since 1995. I am usually 8-15 years ahead of the zeitgeist.”

“The Dream of Flying” is essentially a companion piece to “The Chicken in the Cockpit” which is already in the collection of the Haegeumgang Theme Museum alongside another piece titled “Footstep for Helios” which Chris created using her own footprint; the piece was also the basis for the neon wall installation “Colossus in Motion” (5 meters x 1,80 meters) for the famed BMW company.

The Dream of Flying
Flyer for the 5th Geoje International Art Festival titled “Freedom + Peace”

The main theme in much of Chris’ artistic work is preserving nature in combination with technology. When asked why, Chris stated: “Because without nature we cannot exist but without technology it would be difficult in the present times. It is great that the Haegeumgang Theme Museum choose this important theme FREEDOM & PEACE. Artists from all over the world show the public that FREEDOM (of mind and travel) and staying together with joy is possible! We could live in paradise if human beings would live peaceful together. The dove symbolizes confidence, harmony and peace.”

To demonstrate the theme Freedom & Peace every day during her travels in South Korea, Chris plans to integrate little artificial doves into her famously flamboyant outfits from September 1st (which marks the opening of the festival) until her departure on September 5th. Reports about her complete travels can be viewed online via her peepart diary here .